Japan Thread: The population really is declining for SRK Japan


Thanks Reno!

Sorry I’m off SFV so you’ll only find me on PS3 SCIIHD.


wow thank you so much!!! i was seriously beginning to loose hope lol!!


Guess there isn’t going to be an arcade edition for SFV. Barely played this game yet, need training partners. :pensive:


Sony got consle exclusivity for SFV, no arcade edition coming.


One more bar just opened up, called Taisen Game Bar 236, here’s their twitter account, https://twitter.com/gamebar236
They’re around the same area as Cross Up bar so if that place is full you can go to the other one and vice versa, but keep in mind that 236 does board games/retro games as well so it’s not a full on fighting game bar like Cross Up.


hello, anyone happens to know what are the main arcades for Guilty Gear and Blazblue in nagoya?


Sorry, I’m in the Tokyo area so don’t know.
& Reno is in the Osaka area.


Hey, I’m from Nagoya. They have tournaments in Urban Square arcade in Osu. Look for the whiteboard calendar outside by the Denny’s entrance. I’m pretty sure I saw Guilty Gear on it once or twice at least.


Hi, and thanks for helping out!


Me and some folks staying in shinjuku by okubo station. I got my ps4/3 stick on me. where the games at lol. whats a poppin arcade. I want to play blazblue and guilty. and sf5 locals!


Shinjuku has a few Club Sega arcades. near the station.
If you hit Akihabara they have many good arcades as well.
This site can help you out:


Is there a fighting game scene in Sendai?

I am able to study in Sendai or Tokyo, and while Tokyo has a bigger scene (it seems), Sendai has a better research program…


Any SFV players in Tokyo or Yokosuka? Looking for friends to play with.

Also don’t mind my username… It’s been three years since I made it, I never thought I would actually get stationed here…


Sorry I don’t know any.

Don’t know how many people look at this thread any more.

I’m still waitin for a new Soul Calibur game…

Now playin Miku gamez on my PS4, on Hard mode now (thanks Namco, I’m gettin better and levelin up the more time I have).


Oh wow, i should look in this thread more often. I am stationed in yokosuka but i normally just play tekken 7 at the capcom plaza near base. A couple of people on my ship play sfv but they mostly play online and rarely have offline meets.


Any facebook groups or stores that have some SF5 setups? I live in the Fussa area and go to Akihabara often for music games. Getting back into SF with 5 after not playing 4 once Ultra came out.

Have a few buddies that play on base with me at Yokota.


I don’t know of anywhere that has a sf5 set up. But I’m sure it exists somewhere. I think Ryan saw a bootleg pc cab once somewhere with the game. But I’m guessing you are gonna have to go to weird like console hangout places to play it.


Man your arcade stops must be lit!


I just moved to Chiba, I have an idea of where I need to go to play in arcades (sounds like I need to go to Tokyo to play people), but also I need a PS4 stick, where should I go to get one and what’s recommended? I’ve been out of the loop for a while.
I did have a Qanba stick before and I liked it a lot, with sanwa parts, but it was PS3/360 and I’d like a PS4 stick.


Well, you can still get a Qanba if that’s what you like.
The other choice is Hori.

I live in Chiba City but am retired from fightin gamez unless Namco makes SC w/Talim in it.