Japan Thread: The population really is declining for SRK Japan


Man… If i would have known earlier i would have came out.

Today was my last day to go out on a day off. Having kids has some huge cons.


I have a son too but he’s 17.
I’ll post when I can have gamez. The date isn’t today but 3 weeks from now.


A bit behind you man. 6 and 4 year old boys here. They liked Watching me play games when i lived with them. Now i just watch videos with them on weekends.

But ya, i haven’t played sfiv ae since ultra came out, but I’ll turn on the ps3 and add you in so we can run a few.


Will be a while before I’m ready for some action anyways. I learn slow and only have time on the weekends, need to get some bread and butter down cause mashin buttons won’t win gamez.


Training mode.

Especially with juri. Lots of release timing. Mock vidoes and what not.


Yep. Readin up on game basics, watchin vids (and streams) on YouTube, etc. Learnin a new game takes a long time, one reason I played only SC (II-IV) for 10 years.
Plus that and Juri looks like a pretty complex (and can be rewardin, haha) chara. My work is cut out for me…


Yes indeed… Just dont try learning viper or gen. I didn’t even attempt those two…


I use only 1 chara. My choice has been made and I think it won’t change, for better or worse.
(re I used Talim only for 10 years, I have no sub chara.)
I’m stubborn, haha.


Looking for BB netplay with people in Japan. PM me on here if you want to play. I don’t have my playstation plugged in to the internet very much.


well. if you are good at Talim, then I guess you spent your time properly! lol

have you found anyone to play with yet? no reply on dustloop forums either.


Not really, another rl friend and I are gonna play some today, and I have another friend who will play but he’s too good for now. Need to level up!


Once I get some moves down I’ll hit online (but will only play with green 5 bars).

I’m OK w/Talim, in any case I had fun (and that’s what counts).


Does anyone know where to buy arcade stick parts (sanwa) around Fussa-Tachikawa. I’m aware of the shops in Akihabara but can’t make it out until this weekend and I have a mini tournament tomorrow.


Nope. I only know the shops in Aki.


Went to Aki Club Sega today & got my Ultra Nesica up & runnin. Now need to prac at home.
Games at my place on Sun but all of my friends are busy so only Japanee SCII HD playas will be comin.


Hey ppl, we are having a little get to gether for the 3s anniversary. Gonna be going to Mikado after some drinks at HUB. Details below, feel free to come just for the drinks or just for gaming!


Anyone here playing Killer Instinct? Add ProudDisciple please!


No Killer Instinct for me… would love to, but I am currently addicted to LoL…


Had gamez at my house in Chiba yesterday, literally about 7 hrs of SCII HD on PS3 and 360.
Had 3 Japanese friends come over so we were switchin off and playin the whole time.

No 3s or drinkin here, in the interest of low on dough and already spent too much for the month ahead will sit this one out.

Only SCII and SSFIV for me.

Got a US Gold account on my 360.
Will DL SSFIV AE when it’s free for Gold members (next month), then will pay (about $15 I think) to upgrade to Ultra.
So I will eventually have the PS3 (JP) and 360 (US) SSFIV Ultras.


Im down to play some BBCP, add ProudDisciple