Japan Video Games selling Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 for $69.99!


JVG, http://www.japanvideogames.com/ , has an online special for the standard, “vanilla” (JLF, Hori pushbutton) model of the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3.

$69.99 for the American black case model… That’s the one a lot of us have bought in the past and modded with Sanwa or Seimitsu pushbuttons. Note that this model does NOT have a universal joystick mounting bracket and that it will take work to install an LS-32-01.

On a related note, I believe JVG also has the American release of the HRAP 3 SA (which DOES have a universal joystick mounting bracket and Sanwa pushbuttons in addition to JLF) for $99.99… Granted, that model has been on sale elsewhere for as low as $79.99 recently…

I am NOT a JVG employee myself and have shopped online from those guys about 3-4 times in the past.

I’m just passing on an online deal I noticed for anyone who wants to save some money on on a new-condition product.


Good info! I’ll have to check it out, thx!

  • Jimmy