Japan wants to resurrect the mammoth


Researchers aim to resurrect mammoth in five years - Yahoo! News

Does this mean we’ll get to ride and feed dinosaurs in the future?

Bummer. :sad:


forget that. mammoths will be some play things for rich people. we need to clone bees!




GIANT fuckin’ bees.

Get yo’ capitalist game goin’, son!

As I see it.


newsflash, bro. giant bees are wasps and nobody likes those. not to mention they kill bees and we have to protect the bees. without a bee there’s no we. as in the human race



Pulls out his card

[CLU: Anti-Capitalist Greed Personage Incarnate]

I also do sarcasm, when not merely being highly facetious.

As I see it.


bees are dying and we got people making jokes… well the joke is on us. as in the human race.


Didn’t they fix this yet?


Get on it.

Otherwise, permit me to laugh in the face of impending death due to human stupidity.

As I see it.


I want to see how they can make this happen.

Cloning is a bit different than taking some 65 million year old tissue and making something out of thin air.


Whats wrong with the bees?


Clever girl…


their dying at an insane rate.


Bees. My god.


IIRC the leading causes are a mix of pesticides we use for large scale farming and a lot of polution (read radio waves) we’re pumping out into the air.

You could probably get away with not using the pesticides and price spiking the fuck out of produce, nobody would give a shit. But start attacking peoples cell phones and there will be hell to pay.


Those crazy Japanese. Trying to resurrect something just so we can kill it off again.

Also, fuck bees. I got stung by a bee on a bus a few months ago. The bus was at the station. The station is underground. Fuck bees.


Jurassic Freaking Park…






I disapprove of your AV.

Edit: I wonder what mammoth meat tastes like.


No homo, I’m sure. :wink:

As I see it.