Japan Z3 Nationals (October 11th)


Haven’t seen this posted up yet, I’m sure there are better details floating around but talked to bas for a bit and this is what he told me:


1st - VGouki
2nd - VSakura
3rd - VSodom
4th - VSakura


1st - VGouki (bas), VZangief (makoto), VDhalsim (WC Dhalsim)
2nd - VGouki, VGouki, VSagat (don’t know who was who)

I asked bas who got 1st in singles and if masumi got 2nd, he just told me random good vgouki got 1st. There are a billion of them there. I asked bas how he did and he said he lost to the sak that got 4th.

Bas, Masumi, WC Dhalsim, Daigo all lost their first games in singles. HAHAHA. Top Game!!





That’s random cc infinite for ya. =/


Thanks for the info.


wow, daigo sucks :slight_smile:


yeah you should play him for money now. :lol: