Japanese 3rd Strike Players Index


Over the past year or so I’ve compiled a list of Japanese player names with English translations, so when new match videos come out I can work out who’s who and label the video accordingly.

I can’t translate in any language and use the fairly limited Google Language Tool. However a fair few people have helped in a major way to develop this list properly and I wish to write them some thanks.

A BIG THANK YOU for your sterling work, time and effort for helping with translations :tup:

Ghibli Cat | MrBrooks | JStarLee | Crunch | ESN | TheSecondL | **Logos **| oj simpson

Also, I’d like to thank Jida for continually being on the look out for new players for the list. :tup:

All new names will be added separate, at the top until a translation is made.

I’ve organised it so that someone who doesn’t read Japanese can logically go through the list quickly and easily to find a name.
So firstly the players are grouped by the character they use alphabetically, so Alex, Chun Li, Dudley etc. Within that group players with the smallest number of Japanese characters are first and players with the most last.
Players who use more than one character will have their name included in those groups as well.

To quick search this list use the ‘Find’ function on your browser e.g. Ctl+F in Explorer. Firefox etc. and type in the name or paste the Japanese in. If it’s here it’ll highlight it. If not let me know so I can add it to the top for a translation.

The main point to this list was to give an index of Japanese names as a reference point rather than a list of all known Japanese players. However, to avoid obvious omissions like RX, TM etc. I’ve decided to now include English names as people might not be aware they exist and seeing as some of them are excellent players it would be a shame to omit them as you may want to look up their matches for research/entertainment etc.

Hopefully this will prove useful and if you spot any inaccuracies then please let me know.

New Names:

See latest post.

Japanese 3rd Strike Players Index



Wow. Thanks for compiling something like this, you and this thread rock.


Props for the list, that’s really awesome. Here’s the names you need added to your list.

Kuroda = ???, Teruchika = ???, Chonto = ???, Kiyomatsu = ???


Hossy for Ibuki
RX for Urien
KO for Yun
Jiro for Gouki

Unless if you had a reason for leaving them out…add them bitches!


TM for Q
Watch him beast Ohnuki, fucking ohnuki dammit.



There’s no reason to suggest players whose names are already displayed in english. :confused:


Zangoefu for Alex

and KSK (though as it was pointed out, his name would be easily read by English speakers)


a lot of these names are already translated on the Gvision ranbats and hence no need to put those players. Any serious 3s watcher will already recognize these guys from the translations.

such as nuki, kokujin, tokido, etc.


Sean P. is probably the only really good Sean player around.
Also, where’s J?


Thanks for the those missing names Crunch, appreciated :slight_smile:

Yeah, there’s a ton of well known players and unknown’s whose names are in english anyway so don’t really need them in the list. Like RX, KO, Red, AFM, MDR, 3110 etc.

If you’ve the Japanese characters like Crunch then post them up and i’ll edit them in. I’ve also included a small list at the bottom of the 1st post for names I did have the Japanese characters for but couldn’t find them again after I lost the original list.



??? = Jiro
Yuki Otoko is Yukio (i think)

???J = Spellmaster J


Yea, ESN, ??(GO) = Yuki Otoko, not Yukio

Here’s the remaining translated names, TheShend.

? = Kun (DU)
??? = Sanyo (DU)
? = Monme (IB)
??? = Heboyan (UR)
??? = Hossy (IB)

If you need anymore just post em up. :smiley:


oh there’s more at the bottom,

??? = Zangoefu (AL)

?? = Shirokuro (CH)
??? = Raoh (CH)
??? = Tokido (CH)

?? = Nakano (DU)
??? = Erotic Teacher (DU)
??? = Danna (DU)
??? = Dainama (DU)

??? = Hitotsume (KE)
??? = Misawa (KE)
??? (7-1) = Nanaichi (KE)
??? = Keeper (KE)

?? = Boss (MA) *also plays yang

?? = Uni (NE)

??? = Nihiro (UR)

??? = Goemon (YA)

??? = Kowappa (YU)
??? = Nitto (YU)
??? = Naoki (YU)
??? = Issay (YU)
??? = Ochibi (YU)


The cool thing about this is that you can search for Japanese Youtube videos by copy/pasting the kanjis in the search box.

EDIT: And another thing, ?? is another way to write Hirai.


You have to add J and Izu uner Makoto.


J = J


Aruka is also written in katakana: ???


Absolutely incredible effort on those names Crunch and ESN, I really didn’t expect them to be done quite that fast :looney: :tup:

I can go back to my YouTube videos now and update them completely :lovin:

One question though, I thought I had Heboyan’s already but I see to have two now. Would you be able to tell me which is correct and what the other means, or are they the same thing?

??? = Heboyan
??? = Heboyan

Massive Cheers



??? appears to be correct. looks like he got the name off an AA character from 2ch.


Ma Junior for Chun.