Japanese 3rd Strike Players Index


Oh no, not that one. Check this:

I have the bulk of the first video translated, I got the first half of the 2nd vid. I have to watch the rest of the vids though. lol


Cheers for the info, does Game Greenland have an official site, twitter, nico playlist etc at all? I like to keep abreast of these things :stuck_out_tongue:

Shame about Subculture and Monkeyhouse :frowning:

Game Bingo closed around Febuary/March this year but at least we got Tecmopia :slight_smile:

Oh and to be on topic, a big list of names >_<

地元(CH) - I have this down twice as Chigen and Jimoto?!?
ポンり(MA) = Ponta?



ハクチ(AL) --> Hakuchi
ミッキー(CH) --> Mikkii
キャバクラJAPAN(DU) --> [LEFT]Kyabakura[/LEFT]
クルス(KE) --> Kurusu
ギリギリ(KE) --> Girigiri
パイプイス(KE) --> Paipuisu
オカグ(兄)DX(KE) --> Okagu (Ani ?) DX
ポンり(MA) = Ponta? --> Ponri

アオカピ(OR) --> Aokapi
ターボ(UR) --> Taabo
セキカズ(UR) --> Sekikazu
マトリフ(YU) --> Matorifu
ジコタロー(YU) --> Jikotatou

ぽち(CH) --> Pochi
かめん(EL) --> Kamen
かおりさん(EL) --> Kaorisan
てら(GO) --> Tera
くぼたん(HU) --> Kupotan
ぷゆき(IB) --> Bumeki
ち(KE) --> Chi
青たぬき(IB) --> Ao Tanuki

ぜーた(KE) --> Zeeta
みどり(KE) --> Midori
ばるの(KE) --> Baruno
もえぷた(KE) --> Moeputa
やくまる(NE) --> Yakumaru

あとり(RY) --> Atori
おむ(UR) --> Omu
たいち(UR) --> Taichi
めきし(YA) --> Mekishi
やっこん(YU) --> Yakkon

I learned Hiragana/Katakanas with 3s players name \o/

Can’t help with kanjis!


博徒(AL) = bakuto = gambler
ハクチ(AL) = hakuchi = idiot
ぽち(CH) = pochi
地元(CH) = chigen
ミッキー(CH) = micky
キャバクラJAPAN(DU) = kyabakura(cabaret club)JAPAN
かめん(EL) = kamen = mask
かおりさん(EL) = kaorisan
てら(GO) = tera
くぼたん(HU) = kubotan
ぷゆき(IB) = puyuki
青たぬき(IB) = aotanuki
ち(KE) = chi
老師(KE) = roshi
銀痔(KE) = ginji
健治(KE) = kenji
クルス(KE) = cruz
ぜーた(KE) = zeta
みどり(KE) = midori
ばるの(KE) = baruno
もえぷた(KE) = moeputa
ギリギリ(KE) = girigiri
パイプイス(KE) = paipuisu = pipe chair
オカグ(兄)DX(KE) = okagu(ani)DX
薙刃(MA) = nagiha
ポンり(MA) = ponri
やくまる(NE) = yakumaru aka yakkun
アオカピ(OR) = aokapi
あとり(RY) = atori
おむ(UR) = omu
絶望(UR) = zetsubou
たいち(UR) = taichi
ターボ(UR) = turbo
セキカズ(UR) = sekikazu
めきし(YA) = mekishi
初カノ(YU) = syokano
やっこん(YU) = yakkun
マトリフ(YU) = matoriv
ジコタロー(YU) = zicotaro


Thanks a lot guys, all updated :slight_smile:


Oh my, lots of new names thanks to turning my attention to the raft of Mi Ka Do footage I’ve been keeping track of but not putting up yet, blame the Game Bingo back-log! Anyway, from a recent 20 part 5on5 tournament we have all these teams with unknowns:

Team [烏山A]| ☆Ebara(HU), イシイ(UR), 鉄観(YA), なおたか(KE), Kowappa(YU)
Team [烏山A]| ☆エバラ(HU), イシイ(UR), 鉄観(YA), なおたか(KE), こわっぱ(YU)

Team [八王子] ☆Shiro(KE), Ryuken(KE), Yomoda(Black DU), Essence(RY), 長塚(YA)
Team [八王子] ☆しろう(KE), リュウケン(KE), ヨモダ(黒DU), エッセンス(RY), 長塚(YA)

Team [ミカドB] ☆BBK(Red DU), Mochi(CH), Abu(IB), カエル(Black DU), バナナカスしらい(YU)
Team [ミカドB] ☆BBK(赤DU), もち(CH), あぶ(IB), カエル(黒DU), バナナカスしらい(YU)

Team [高円寺B] ☆ Musshu(UR), 地獄の門番(ケルベロス)・ビッグダディ(YA), Paipuisu(KE), Atsugari(HU), 愛と悲しみのしんぺー(KE) They’ve gone mad on extra titles to their names as well!
Team [高円寺B] ☆ 蟹座のデスマスク・ムッシュ(UR), 地獄の門番(ケルベロス)・ビッグダディ(YA), 歌広場・パイプイス (KE), 処女喰い(バージンキラー)・あつがり(HU), 愛と悲しみのしんぺー(KE)

Team [烏山B] ☆社長(CH), Furuya(MA), がく(KE), 38(YU), 茶太(AL)
Team [烏山B] ☆社長(CH), フルヤ(MA), がく(KE), 38(YU), 茶太(AL)

Team [川崎] ☆Jasmine(MA), Lemon(YU), フジモン(UR), サンボ(IB), Oryu(CH)
Team [川崎] ☆ジャスミン(MA), イエモン(YU), フジモン(UR), サンボ(IB), おりゅ(CH)

Team [ミカドC] ☆Mayon(CH), Mayon(KE), Zabi(GO), コロすけ(OR)*, Key(Q) *I think this Oro is a 2nd name for the Koro (コロ) we see in GSV East vs Wests.
Team [ミカドC] ☆まよん(CH), まよん(KE), ザビ(GO), コロすけ(OR), Key(Q)

Team [多摩センター] ☆Tamu(NE), ダイカン(KE), コチヤ(MA), ダンサー(YU), 酔いどれ(UR)
Team [多摩センター] ☆たむ(NE), ダイカン(KE), コチヤ(MA), ダンサー(YU), 酔いどれ(UR)
Cheers guys.


イシイ(UR) Ishii
鉄観(YA) Tetsukan
なおたか(KE) Naotaka
長塚(YA) Nagatsuka
カエル(Black DU) Kaeru
バナナカスしらい(YU) Bananakasu Shirai
地獄の門番(ケルベロス)・ビッグダディ(YA) Jigoku no Monban (Kerberos) Big Daddy
愛と悲しみのしんぺー(KE) Ai to Kanashimi no Shinpee
社長(CH) Shachou
がく(KE) Gaku
茶太(AL) Chata
フジモン(UR) Fujimon
サンボ(IB) Sanbo
コロすけ(OR) Korosuke
ダイカン(KE) Gaikan
コチヤ(MA) Kochiya
ダンサー(YU) Dancer
酔いどれ(UR) Yoidore


Massive thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry @ TheShend, they do not have a website as far as I know, it’s owned by a old man who probably doesn’t even know how to use a PC hehe. Also, the main site for Kyushu 3S (Takehana - Fight in Kyushu) seems to be down as well.

Here’s the link to Game Greenland though like from a map site:


Pic of it:


I’ve been to that place! I used to go there after teaching English to kids(it was near that one JR station…Take-something). They had some occasional 3S players there, but I was mainly there for the IIDX machine. It’s a great little mom&pop arcade, but very hidden. haha


Curious, a Urien player known as マッチ is seen at a tournament at Game Centre LinLin 24 and I wondered if it was the same マッチ that plays a well known Gouki. i.e. Match.

[LEFT]Video: [/LEFT][LEFT][media=youtube]hMUZyZQ_u_8[/media][/LEFT]


Another curio:

I’ve got a tournament where I’m not certain who the players are and wondered if any folks here had heard of these guys and could shed some light?


[LEFT]Part 1: skip to ~16:30[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Part 2:[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Players in the original nico description:[/LEFT]

[LEFT]T、コーラ、ゴレイヌ、アレク、黒パーカー vs マツナガ、セキ、緑ジャージ、どりる、白ジャージ[/LEFT]
[LEFT]T、Cola、Goreinu、Alec、Black Parka vs Matsunaga、Seki、Green Jersey、Doriru、White Jersey[/LEFT]

5on5 Results:
1P vs 2P
X Black(MA) vs Blue(OR) O
X (EL) vs Blue(OR) O
X Green(OR) vs Blue(OR) O
O (RY) vs Blue(OR) X
X (RY) vs (UR) O
O White(KE) vs (UR) X
O White(KE) vs (NE) X
O White(KE) vs (RE) X
O White(KE) vs Black(KE)

[LEFT]Only guy I had heard of was Doriru, a Remy player from Game Bingo, the Remy who appears here is the same colour.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]The only way this works to me is below, but does mean that Doriru doesn’t play his main Remy.[/LEFT]

[LEFT][2P] T、Cola、Goreinu、Alec、Black Parka vs [1P] Matsunaga、Seki、Green Jersey、Doriru、White Jersey[/LEFT]
[LEFT][2P] T(OR)、Cola(UR)、Goreinu(NE)、Alec(RE)、Black Parka(KE) vs [1P] Matsunaga(MA)、Seki(EL)、Green Jersey(OR)、Doriru(RY)、White Jersey(KE)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]This way the 1P side of Green Oro (3/5) and White Ken (5/5) correspond respectively to Green Jersey(3/5) and White Jersey(5/5) in their line-ups and appearance. Plus Black Ken (5/5) corresponds to Black Parka (5/5) in the 2P line-up and team order.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Another video taken on the same day noted the players in the same way of 2P vs 1P, which would give credence to the above.[/LEFT]



Triple Curio!

I got a G-Up VHS through the post today and on the face it it’s the same as a previous one I picked up but with an altered sleeve and an extra note inside the case. Can anyone tell me what the note from Mester says?
I’m trying to establish whether to take this tape to be digitally converted, but don’t want to put the money down for the same thing twice if it turns out to be the exact same tape.

Note in question:


"To everyone who purchased the ‘2nd Annual Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Tournament Video’:

We were able to finally complete and sell the video for the tournament that took place in May 2001. The original plan was to deliver these videos by the end of August, but we deeply apologize for delaying the release for a month due to improving the screen quality. We at G-Up will be holding another event that everyone will be able to enjoy, so please look forward to it.

G-Up Representative, Mester"


Cheers Aku.

Now I need to work out the reason for the 2 different covers. Another print run perhaps? To twitter!


Mester did confirm that one was 30fps and the other 60fps.

Anyway, some Leebros names:



[FONT=Arial][SIZE=13px]KOFの人(MA) - [/FONT][/SIZE][FONT=Arial][SIZE=13px]KOF no Hito (the KoF guy)[/FONT][/SIZE]
[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=13px]ろくろう(RY) - [/FONT][/SIZE][FONT=Arial][SIZE=13px]Rokurou[/FONT][/SIZE]
サルーン(RY) - Saloon
[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=13px]ぼん☆こつ(RY) - [/FONT][/SIZE][FONT=Arial][SIZE=13px]Bonkotsu[/FONT][/SIZE]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=13px]ぜんいち(UR) - [/FONT][/SIZE][FONT=Arial][SIZE=13px]Zenichi[/FONT][/SIZE][FONT=Arial][SIZE=13px][/FONT][/SIZE]


Cheers aku :slight_smile:

I forgot about an unknown Ken at 3:25, you wouldn’t happen to know his name too?


Many Thanks


Kyo Tsukai (KE) “Kyo Player” (another KOF reference)


I want to update that Monkey House and Subculture are now gone (sad, because I moved right between both of them at the time of their demise, noooo!!!" Deshiken is now playing at Game Greenland (ゲームグりんランド)