Japanese 3rd Strike Video Thread. (dont post your online edition matches)

Ok this is the thread for vids from Japan. No online edition matches here please. thank you.

How to register for Nico video :http://thenextweb.com/2008/01/15/how-to-register-for-japanese-video-site-nico-nico-douga/

Tsuwamono Danisen:


That was fucking sick. Absolutely sick ending. Haha.

Sticky asap. R.I.P. original vids thread.


Video redirector for lazy people. (copy paste original link of video into link above).

Love watching kunoichi beastings.

Kokujin commentary? In Tsuwamono?? o shi

which japanese ken should i watch videos of ? . Ive been watching Daigos ken but he plays too much of a ballsy style which i can’t really learn from as a beginner .

Spellmaster J is one of the best examples of a solid “textbook” Ken out there, you might learn quite a few stuff from watching him. I also recommend Deshiken, but I’m personally biased towards him. :lovin:

In my opinion, Matsuken is probably the most solid Ken player who still regularly plays.

Anything particularly wrong with American videos? Watching videos of lower level (but still good) play is probably more useful for most people here, since you get to see how people deal with tactics that are deprecated in super high level play. Unless the intention is just to be a fanboy rather than any practical purpose?

Nothing wrong with American vids, although very rare that OE vids will ever be useful, and nobody in America really releases new 3s vids anymore :’(

Check this: The Official 3rd Strike Match Vids Thread

people should watch whatever videos they want, and yeah maybe watching lower level vids is your preference, but to some of us we just want to watch high level play. :tup:

i was going to name this thread “high level 3rd strike video thread” but i didnt want a bunch of random people who think they are good posting their oe matches. naming it japanese was an easier option.

Certainly but the amount of good quality weekly japanese footage is much greater. It’s just kind of simpler and more organized. If you know the good US players to watch you can search for them but there isn’t nearly as much stuff out there. It’s mostly an issue of amount of content, not just pointless preference because one guy is Japanese and one isn’t.

game versus stream 8/25/11

casuals (more kuroda oro in this one) + nuki talking about fuudo

man kuroda has an interesting Oro, one thing im wondering is why he doesnt punish more. It seems like he does parry into throw alot, when most would do that infinite head stomp combo…


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Hopefully this thread will stay this way & not so cluttered.

Dunno if this was posted in the old thread http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1314200461. Pretty entertaining set of KSK vs Kokujin. Wish I could translate the dialogue.

anyone lucky to be up right now… at least you can watch TOZAISEN!