Japanese "bagelheads"

Apparently this is all the rage in Japan right now. It’s a type of body modification

>BODY MODIFICATION has always pushed the boundaries of taste, but even the most open-minded might flinch at the latest trend in Japan.

>“Bagelheads” spend two hours injecting saline into their foreheads causing massive – although apparently harmless – swelling, which is then moulded into a bagel shape.


posted a few pics in image mishmash, bizarre stuff

looks like kenshiro fucked them up and they ready to explode.



I mean I wouldn’t do it, but it looks right on some of them

Looks like something out of Star Trek. Like and evolutionary offshoot of Klingons who were really into Tim Hortons.

I guess there are far worse things you could be injecting into your body…


well its obviously hella stupid, but afaik it only lasts like 1 day so imo its not as bad as most of the more common piercings, tattoos, body modifications or whatever

That’s correct, this would only last enough time for the saline to be absorbed into the system (roughly 24 hours).
However, this is not a “new fad in Tokyo” by any means. It never “caught on” (it was a 4-person “trend”) and it’s not new at all.
This is at least a few years old. I’m really curious as to why it’s coming up again.

Give some of them some horns and they’ll look like mythical Japanese devils.

thats mad gross yo… i dont care what anyone says.

Shit’s wrong. Punish it by death,

:wtf: What the hell have I just seen?


Lol i think it’s pretty dope ; )

I have a feeling dope is involved at some point.


Roses are red, violets are blue

Omae wa mou shindeiru

actually with some horns, that would be kind of sick.

I think I need to puke…

Next up: splicing.

Sums it up.