Japanese blog thinks Justin Wong insults MVC3

Right here:

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This is coming off this twitter post by the man a couple hours ago:


“Mvc3 has to be the easiest and cheapest fighting game that was ever made…”

They think he’s saying the game is cheaply made, and are taking this as an indictment of MvC3. loool

They’re not use to our slang yet?

There’s a couple people in the comment thread trying to point out that cheap does NOT mean cheaply made here, but it’s only like 2 people.

Seriously funny to watch the cross-cultural clusterfuck develop.

Oh man, I can’t wait for jwong to be told to explain what he means and apologizing for his comment lol.

I wish I could read it, I see people posting videos of the XF combos. Are they freaking out about the damage of these combos?

Jwong says game is ‘Ass’

He dominates in the game until EVO.

In the fight for top 8 he gets put into losers by an American newcomer and then eliminated by a player from East asia.

Videos are then created linking back to this tweet.

A smile cracks on Triforces face.

The game is MUCH easier than mvc2. Its fun and accessible to newcomers and I think many pros will be pissed to find out that they’ll have more competition now.

Its the opposite really.

Agreed. MvC2 veterans will be ripping shit up now that they have to put in half the work for double the damage.

Yeah, I don’t understand why some people seem to think that a new game is a “reset” on player ability and that everything is somehow even again.

I love all this damage complaining. It’s as if no one remembers Team Z.


You get hit your character dies.

I guess like anything we’ll just have to give it some time, after all the early days of MvC2 were nothing like the unintentional genius we have now. I totally agree on so many levels though, but hopefully it surprises us all. Just trying to keep the hope.

To the OP though, you’ve got to love it. I notice this on so many occasions as well. Classic cluster.

Why should he?

He probably enjoys the fact that he can troll the entire Internet with minimum effort.

Stop posting. Please.

Justin needs to play Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 lol.

Also, why do I sense so many people were waiting for this kind of “validation” before they decided to hate on Marvel 3. Too many Sheep and not enough Shepherds.

I sucked at mvc2…I’m much better at mvc3. Add me on PSN and I’ll show you right now.

Yeah let me put my game in


;_; it’s not out yet

I might be one of the few who didn’t take that tweet to mean something negative. Cheap isn’t a bad thing to me. People call ST cheap. Easy is defined person to person, Justin is Justin, King of MvC2, what is his standard for easy?

I don’t know about you, but we got legit copies in Orlando. :coffee:

You can find it if you really want it. There are hundreds of people with the game right now

My game is paid in full at gamestop. I’ll wait til Tuesday.

Day is made.