Japanese Bug Fights!

A friend of mine recently sent me this link, and it’s too good to pass up. Searched the Video Gallery forum and didn’t see any previous mentions of it so I thought I’d post it up.


Title speaks for itself really. Basically it’s a Japanese tournament for an assortment of aggressive insects/crustaceans that battle to the death. There are 30 matches in all, with the final 9 matches coming soon.


i am inspired

fucking awesome, thanks for the post

goes collecting bugs!

Does this constitute as cruelty to animals?

This looks as legal as dog fights, and Pokemon.

every single one of those bugs would have fought eachother in the wild anyway, this is just speeding up the process.


that beetle lookin thing just slammed the scorpion at the end like a champ

edit: wow the praying mantis is like a punching bag for the other bugs, he gets owned in every vid hes in. wtf can a praying mantis do anyway? unfair

Yeah the praying mantis is garbage. Go Scorpion!

What are the tiers in this? Does anyone know?

:looney: Wow, the beetle raped the scorpion. This site is win… dood!

praying mantis = sean.

i thought the yellow jackin bee lookin thing was gonna go all the way…i think it was bs he lost to centipede =/.

LMAO @ the announcer hype as hell…too good.

Hornet is my favorite. Speed + Kamikaze attitude. Most of these bugs kill to eat but Hornets kill to defend so he’ll be ready for battle from the start. This character is meant for me. Hornet is like my little bug version of Ibuki… dood.

hornet (both types) and the desert stalker scorpion rush shit down like no other. each of their fights have been some serious business.

in the one fight that the hornet lost, i like how the camera zoomed in and it looked like the hornet was breathing really heavily in its final breathes, then decided to strike an awesome death pose before dying on its feet in the center of the arena! that was so gangster

Damn that beetle is top tier:nunchuck:

Word that Beetle Dominated

Yes, the site is awesome!
I was going to post it up on GD yesterday, but I’m glad I checked here first.

Scorpion is surprisingly lower tier than I thought…in that video, the stag beetle gave the scorpion an armbar, and KILLED the scorpion.

However, scorpion trades wins with centipede, and KILLS blue crayfish (!)

Rhinoceros beetle + Stag beetle are both Armor mode Zangiefs.

The huge japanese Hornet is really cheap, but I’m very suprised it lost to centipede

One of the most brutal matches was the large Death Stalker scorpion vs the smaller scorpion. The large one completely GORED the small one.

i would have like to see the hornet go against a tarantula, or a beetle.

hey i noticed the scorpion the hornet went against is hella small, maybe a bigger one could win.

seriously though im still wondering wtf a praying mantis can do…its an easy target, doesnt have any good weapons like a stinger or fangs, and its body looks soft.

and idk what a centipede does…it looks like it just wears down the opponent.

The praying mantis has grasping jack knife hands, but unfortunately all of it’s opponents have been too large for it. Praying Mantids in real life eat smaller things by grabbing onto them, holding them, then biting them.
It can’t do that with any of it’s opponents here, so it gets owned hord.

A lot of those larger centipedes were south american, I think. All centipedes have poison fangs, so yea, it’s bite injects venom.

I want to see Stag Beetle vs Hornet, or Tarantula vs Stag Beetle.

Camel Spider is too cheap… it would be a really violent fight if they had Camel Spider vs Hornet.

they stopped this one too early but


what was the name of the thing that won? it looked pretty good.