Japanese Bug Fights!


It was some sort of Whip Scorpion or tail less scorpion

nice nedless.

hmmm the fight for january 10th still hasnt shown up for me :sad:

Some of those things look fucking freaky. I think I’d be a little scared if I came upon one.

I think the centipedes are top tier. They have fangs and venom and shit.

it was funny to see the mantis tap out against the spider.

This reminds me of 10 Hornets vs. 10,000 Bees… except it doesn’t gross me out nearly as much. Good stuff.

You can tell exactly when the scorpions get the win. They land that Super in their tail, and it’s game.

I am all about Team Beetle. They are indeed the Zangiefs of the bug world.

They get in there and slam your ass down. No mercy.

EDIT - lol at the beetle vs beetle throwdown. It even had special prefight graphics.

I love kuwagata

Thanks for showing me this. I want to see some more bug fights.

Red beetle = grappler
Red Cyclone = Zangief

Coincidence… I think not

PETA would have a fit over this. :tup: very nice

finally the video is up. YOOOO that was beastly i didnt think the little beetle stood a chance. announcer was god tier.

There needs to be a rhinoceros beetle in sf4

lol imagine someone puts there hand in there while those bugs r fighting. lol gg

Wow, this is intense; I’m getting creeped out just thinking about those fucking things.

I watched the first one and was like oh cool KO so the beatle won. Then I stared a bit in the distance and was like shit aha that thing is… dead. Poor guys.

Very interesting, I now how a good use of all the centipedes in my basement.

anyone ever played or heard of Mushi King?..

Tiers and Matchups Please.


Can Crabs and Scorpions “Snap-Out”? (yes, lame…I know…)

but seriously, they have to have every bug face off against every other bug…or do they already?

That 10 wasps vs some odd bee’s sounds interesting…

homeboy got effed up


the fuck is that? A lobster? I don’t think that’s fair, he’s out of his environment (moreso) unless they aren’t always underwater are they?

shit, the scorpion fucking is made to kill bugs and shit…no fair!

but I like how he was holding up his hand right before death…“nooooo”