Japanese charity breast-squeeze!


iam speechless just thought id share this SRK discuss.



now if they would squeeze their vaginas onto my penis.


never change, japan. never change!


I think it would of been more appropriate if the fund raiser was for breast cancer instead of AIDS awareness.


what the hell is a masturbation marathon?


Well…this is interesting. I’m sure they raised plenty of funds…


And then shortly after they all got breast cancer…


A gravity squeeze joke is coming I can feel it…


heh…funny image in my head now of Magneto yelling ‘CHARITY SQUEEZE!!!’ while he’s feeling up one of them.


Why can’t the U.S. have nice things…


This a charity I would fully support


man Japan is wierd as fuck…what a dumb event

[details=Spoiler] I WANT DEM TITTIES



Never change japan, because i want to go there and support the boobies too.


Juggling Jiggling Japanese Juggs?

Starhammer falls over and splooges on himself



Love that the participants are bloated slovenly creeps who make Marn look like John Hamm.


I saw that too.

Considering the noises that they make when they are cumming, it stands to reason that perhaps the converse is also true, and that those are actually smiles of mental anguish, on the Japanese girls’ faces.

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Instead of donating 100$ at once, I would make 20 small donations of 5$ to get as much boob squeezing action as possible.




Sigh… Japan never fails to amaze me.



Honestly, those press photos were probably picked on purpose. The recent trend for idol agencies is to invite fat losers to idolize and even approach girl-next-door type models without fear of them recoiling in horror. Following AKB48’s lead. Wtfjapan.