Japanese CvS2 guidebook

is there a site i can get this at i really want to buy this guide. i searched ebay nothing and serach online nothing anyone give me a link or is anyone willing to sell there’s?

Somewhere in the CvS2 Boston match video thread there is a link to the site to buy the guide.

I order the book from animebooks.com 10 days ago. It has not arrived yet. I use the tracking number they gave me to check the status. It was delivered to INDEPENDENCE, MO 64056. But I live in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. I sent them emails, no replies so far. :mad:

So watch out!!! It’s better to get it from amazon.co.jp
you save about $5, too.

i got mine from animebooks.com in about 4 days and i live in KY. idk what happened with yours…

OMG thanks man now can we understand this book or is it in jap language?

it’s all in japanese except the actual character names and a few other random things. the most important thing the book gives is frame data. it gives the frame data of EVERY move of EVERY character- normals (jumping, crouching, standing), specials (any strength), and supers (any strength).

so when i first got my book and didn’t know what the numbers corresponded to, i looked at buktooth’s N-iori guide in his sig (or on www.gamefaqs.com). since he has the frame data (taken from the same book), i began to decipher what the numbers meant based on his information and the way he interpreted the data. it took me like a minute to figure out.

if you’re serious about cvs2 or you like cool shit, get this guide. it’s $35, which isn’t too bad considering how much it helps and how well it is all put together.

I wish I knew :frowning:

Mine came in the mail too. Allllright… :smiley:

If anybody else is interested, don’t forget to use the 10% off coupon if you do order from animebooks.com. I forget the code, but you’ll get find it easily by searching google.

so is it better to just read Buk’s guide, which is free? I have the money to buy it , but i’m thinking of using the money for making my 2nd joystick.

buk’s guide is only on N-iori, not the entire cast of characters.

he also made a systems guide.

Which doesn’t have specific character moveset data…

cant wait for this does it have a groove set ups and shit?

Pick Iori and do roll, activate. OOHHH!! Look at the setup.

Man, why didn’t you say it earlier? :frowning:

any got the isbn # of this book?

thanks in advance

Finally, got my book. But the stupid custom charge me $5 handling fee… :lame:

I thought it’d have hit boxes for every moves, but there’s only some for particular normal moves of random characters… :bluu:

ISBN: 4-7577-0677-4
What do you need this for btw?