Japanese CvS2 videos recently

Is it me or does it seem like the latest several batches of Japanese CvS2 videos show runaway and turtling A groove players basically own everyone in CvS2? I mean I see all these random other teams, but 99.5% of the time runaway A grovoe teams have been owning people up. Japanese can say whatever BS they want about Sagat being better than Blanka… but I find Blanka better in almost all these videos. Blanka not only beats Sagat, but like with a pixel energy makes retarded fast come backs.

I mean don’t get me wrong about how other chars don’t seem to be able to compete. I mean I’ve seen Maki and Mai sneak a win here and there, but I generally see some form of A groove generally win about 90% of the time, and its like the same few chars.

I mean Japanese were noted to use a diversity of chars, but now it has come down to, A Sak, Bison, Blanka, Hibiki, and recently Bas’s E Honda.

Now maybe these videos give skewed results as far as who is winning, because they are hosted on a site of that particular A groove player, and he only puts himself up winning. Maybe the A groove players are just playing scrubs.

The only reason I am starting to more and more believe CvS2 in the end benefits turtling, runaway A groovers is because I seem to have the most trouble beating them. I can bait out CCs and etc etc. But you know what, it is fucking tedious walking from one corner to another constantly chasing a Bison who just does RC PC if he sees my char move. Or a safe RC LK Scissor Kick over and over and just builds meter while I am forced to just sit there. Or an E Honda player who is impossible to land a good combo on, and rely on random hits (like jump back RH) to win the match. Or how about a Blanka that just runsaway and does RC Electric to build meter. Or a Sakura who has meter 24/7 so therefore I cannot take too many risks because I might just lose a whole char. I don’t know.

Maybe someone can enlighten me as how to beat turtling A groovers. I mean as someone said in another thread… if Daigo can’t rush down turtling A groovers, then no one can.

So any advice would be helpful… cuz I am lost. Although please state reasonable advice that you yourself perform in real match play. None of this bullshit… “well if Sakura whiffs a RH free win for you, or just block Bison Psycho Crusher, and game over for him or just hit Blanka out of his dash EVERYTIME.” I see Bas and Daigo get hit by dash CC and RC Electric… sooo… don’t act like your ass is too good to get hit by it.

Of course you can’t rush a turtling A-groover, well a good one anyway, especially if they RC. You just have to play smart and be patient. In my experience, turtling characters are generally going to control the matches pace. A good turtler will play smart and take any opening for damage they can. There isn’t too much you can do to a turtling Sak in A-groove except try to bait her to do something stupid, like a random RC hurricane or something. Same with Honda, Blanka, etc. As for the vids those weren’t the majority of they jap players, U think all those vids were of the same 5 or so people (Mago, D44, etc.) Overall, it seems hardest, for me antway, to fight K and A-groove in general. But the other grooves when played well are just as bad. I’d rather face a good A-groover than a good P-groover anyday.

uh… cvs2 is a turtlers game, plain and simple. Even Daigo turtles in that game.

and yeah, those weren’t all top players, the exception being bas. But A-groove is dominator.

i saw http://home.coqui.net/evilaro/gamecombos/tougeki2_index.htm vid and it seemed C honda, sagat , Blanka 2 can hold up against some A groove players

Thanks a lot for the link kekim.
Yeah, that guy’s Honda was on fire. It sorta makes me relieved that I don’t play at the arcades. What are you able to do against RC headbutt? It seemed to be abused a lot.
The best bit was whn he took out the other guy’s Rolenta out of nowhere with 360s.

that guys is mad good with honda… especially non stop throwing super then throw again but i think the a groove users were good too

that’s mago, 3rd at evo last year and he was on the winning team at SBO2 (he OCV’d the other team in the finals).


since you’re obviously talking shit about my eagle vs sakura/blanka strats, then i’ll just let you figure this out yourself. but the bottom line is this- cvs2 is a thinking man’s game now. some people call it turtling and not fun to watch and other shit, but it’s all very tactical and planned if you look deeper. i think seth killian wrote an article about that topic actually, how people will interpret vids wrong.

and i STILL look forward to our eagle vs sakura matchups. and i’ll answer any of your questions at the tourney, but i’m tired of writing shit and people saying i don’t know what i’m talking about.

roger williams said it best- cvs2 is like chess, and you have to out think your opponent. THAT’S why/how he beat daigo, plain and simple.

cvs2 IS a turtlers game. Don’t make it anymore than what it is.

Before RC, everyone was playing N-groove and rushing down like there was no tomorrow. Now with RC, even scrubby turtles can win games just by watching some jap vids and x-copying RC Blanka (yes I’m one of them). At least i don’t pretend the game is any better than it really is.

btw not to diss on Roger or anything, but i really doubt he “out-thought” daigo. Probably more like he played really really fucking safe (no harm in that, look how justin’s gay chun beat raoh).

in the end, you can turtle in every game, dont whine, go play GGXX then and get some penalty for not attacking or whatever

Yo, that lasts dude C-Honda was insane, that was unbeleivable…Im shocked…

Thanks for the link!

Bait the activation, get out of there, then let the meter bleed, then rush. A groove relies on that damn meter. Without it, it has nothing else to protect itself. No air block, nothing, just random RC and runaway.

Problem solved.

Did anyone download the Vampire Saviour video? If so, can you please post the name of the file? Thanks.

Watch “hanzo.wmv”. BAS nearly gets perfected by C-Ryu. Of course Ryu wasn’t actually trying to fight against Honda. He knew better than to directly challenge that silliness and ran away like a French-Canadian instead.

Also notice at 02:43, Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut gets beaten clean by Blanka’s crouching short. :rofl:

I don’t think those other players are scrubs btw. From the time these matches were taped, you can tell they’ve played against those turtling, RC players a lot already to know what tactics they should and shouldn’t be using. People talk about how nasty Mago is, but almost every single match I’ve ever seen of him has him rolling a lot and relying on random supers for the win.

Mago trick (he does this everytime) --> knockdown, whiff a move, level 2 Honda super as the other guy gets up. If they try anything, they get hit. If they jump away (scared of RC grab), the super still juggles for every hit plus an extra headbutt. Nice!

Where can I download this ‘hanzo.wmv’?

ionno how good mago is supposed to be, but his C honda seems to pwn a lot of other japanese A groovers like okai and taisyo … not sure how good these other guys are either … but i can see a lot of C groovers going for honda now.

but u have to admit he got lucky couple of times with honda

I mean! I mean! I mean! I mean!

hehe… kinda repetitive.

Anyways… yea… fuck A groove BSB and other gay ass variations of it… that’s the shortened version of my post.

Baiting activation isn’t like the easiest thing considering you really can’t poke so your relegated to whiffing jabs and shit while sakura is RHing you in the grill. And once you do and AC them right away… gay ass chars like Sak and Blanka can just runaway real quick and get more meter. And with Sakura you gotta AC early on. And that shit Choi and Ino do… super/DP the CC activations… is also hard to do. I wish I could do that more consistently.

Stay out of range of the RH and counter, or super through it. Make sure you get life lead early on in the round, then wait. Once you see the CC setup, get out of there after you bait a little. AC then bait the activation on her wakeup.