Japanese CvS2 videos recently

I don’t think that’s possible. Not if the A-groover times his attack directly after the CC flash correctly and uses a move with four or less frames of startup.

Remember that thread I made about a year ago? About “unblockable” CC’s? The CC’s aren’t really unblockable. I was just mashing d.MK so well if the opponenent wasn’t blocking at the time of the flash, he wouldn’t of been able to block at all.

I’ve proximity canceled Tiger Uppercut against Sakura’s and Bison’s random CC activations a bunch of times already, only to either have my uppercut go completely THROUGH them or to get stuffed clean. Keep in mind I’m in a neutral state before the CC flash, I only finish the motion after the I wait a second for the flash to finish, and I CLEARLY see my Tiger Uppercut animate.

The only reason Choi and Ino were uppercutting CC’s so well is because the A-groover’s using the CC’s weren’t timing their attacks properly. They were either using moves that were too slow (ie. Vega d.HP, Blanka d.MK) or leaving such big gaps that you can actually hold up after the flash and still jump away safely.

Now that everybody wants to copy the Japs and start their CC’s with short, I highly recommend to not try and DP an activation anymore. Just block instead. If counter activating yourself isn’t even free anymore, why go for a DP and subsequently get pissed when some A-scrub bullshit happens? (ie. Sakura stuffing your counter DP with her close fierce)

truthfully i think A is overpowered as a result of those 3 damn characters. you can’t do shit when bison can take over 50% of your life from almost any knockdown / combo xx cc activate. if they didn’t totally deviate from what p roove was supposed to be “3s style” - imo it would be the groove to play.

i guess i’m just annoyed cause i don’t play A groove. i hope the exact same sho sho combo won’t be in CFA …

I don’t try to DP or super CCs unless I am in K/P groove or if I am already poking.

I’ve DPed lvl 2 and 1 supers from a proximity cancel alot of times. I can do them to CCs… I’ve seen Choi do it. You activate… he DPs you get hit… unless you activate and walk back. Its the same concept as Blanka’s backhop out of a CC… cept a DP is invincible move that hits you. I play K groove Maki for fun… I do this to Sakura all the time. Random activate by me… she eats KKK move. Yea, so you can super/DP CCs. I know I’ve seen Otaku super a CC activatations as well as Ino. With supers… it has much more to do with knowing the activation is coming and buffering the super motion before the flash. I know my anti A tricks… its just that A groove is that damn easy to use with BSB that I can do all that shit and still lose.

But, they still miss a lot of CC…especially a very easy Blanka’s CC, Geese, Hibiki… no one CC end up with a super…Sak too…
it is really lousy… :tdown:

…just kidding.