Japanese Games on US Dreamcast

My gf’s getting me SF:3S for my Dc but the version she’s in the process of getting is a japanese version and apparently requires a mod chip. I was hoping someone could give me any information regarding where I could get one of these. ty in advance.

I dont think your allowed to discuss things like that here…

The act of modding a system is totally legal, the only real problem is that it voids the warranty. Not like it matters, I doubt Sega would deal with fixing Dreamcasts now.

He also is talking about getting a REAL copy of 3rd Strike. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I believe you don’t need to mod a DC, just get a swap disc so that you override the region coding and boot it up normally. It’s been ages so I’m not totally sure how to do that, and that talk actually isn’t totally legal.

You don’t need to mod it, just get a boot CD. I have a cheap $10 cheat code CD that boots Japanese games fine.

Or, since you LEGALLY own the CD, go download the boot disc for the game burn that and play it.

PM’ed you how to do it, just in case it isn’t supposed to be talked about anyway.

Boot disc is better than modding your system. Sometimes chips affect gameplay.

This guy sells cheap boot discs on ebay all the time, though he doesn’t have any posted right now… I’m sure he will soon. Just keep checking or email him. I bought one from him a while ago, no problems.


I have an Australian Dreamcast, and use the DC-X bootdisk to play my import Japanese games. No modding of the console required.

I got mine from Play-Asia. Currently they’re out of stock, but check back once in a while and you’ll find they do get new stock in from time to time.

You can burn one yourself. you don’t have to buy one, those kind of things are a racket.


However, if you do burn a boot disc burn it at 1x speed so it’s easier to read for the DC. A month of playing burnt 32x discs will turn your DC into garbage.

Yeah, I use Gameshark CDX demo (was originally pressed o an actual cd-rom instead of gd-rom disc).

Not that it matters much but, I used to use it to play US games on my JP DC.

You’re thinking of the Utopia Boot CD. It is free for redistribution, but technically illegal due to it’s content.

DC-X is legal, and is a pay-for product. Paying the $14 asked for by the manufacturers for the legitimate content is not a racket at all, considering that it does many more things like allow hex-editing (aka “GameShark” style codes), etc.

Also, the DC-X is the only import-enabling boot disk that allows you tp play your Dreamcast using the VGA-out cables. Utopia boot CD only works on normal video/s-video out, and as such is no good for people who play on hi-res monitors or hi-def TVs using the VGA-out.

I urge people to pay for it (again, it’s very cheap), and send a message to the manufacturers and console makers that region-restriction is a stupid idea, and people are willing to go above and beyond to find legal ways to circumvent it.

ty for the help everyone i rly appreciate it

I didn’t know all the details, I get what you’re saying man, but honestly at this point nobody is keeping track of who’s buying DC-X for the DC. I didn’t know it had extra options, or that I couldn’t use VGA with Utopia. Who knows why they add the region protection to consoles anyway, I don’t see how it would hurt to have more games available.

For playing imports i usually use the “bootcdwiththereinderhappilyspininginthebackground”, the last one i bougth (CvsS2 Jap.) came with the Gameshark which also happens to let you boot import games.

Yeah, I concede the point that DreamCast sales really aren’t at the top of the “give a shit” list for games publishers. Speaking personally, I live by pretty strong principals, so I try to buy these things when they are offered new.

Region protection is something I really hate. It seems publishers are slaves to local distributors, and region encoding is a way to placate them. I know here in Australia, lead distributors have threatened some publishers of not-so-mainstream games that if they make their games region-free, they’ll stop distribution of them locally. Game publishers know that the majority of their sales are made not from “hardcore” gamers who are willing to import titles, but instead mums and dads who browse the k-marts of this world and buy games for the kiddies based entirely on cover art. So, forced to choose between Joe Mainstream and the hardcore crowd, economics dictates who wins that battle.

I agree with what you say above: you would think that the people making the games would do anything in their power to INCREASE sales. Region protection does exactly the opposite, and quite frankly leaves me scratching my head.

“Spinning Reindeer” is the Utopia boot CD. It will let you play games via video out, s-video out or low-res RGB (SCART). Games will not work in VGA mode.

I use DC-X and it has never failed me once…