Japanese GGXX players

I just need to get this off my mind.

I remember a discussion started after SBO about the winners. There was a guy someone mentioned that was like the Jwong of GGXX but he somehow always managed to kind of not perform well (I have no idea if thats what was actually said), kind of like BAS. A couple other names were mentioned as practically unbeatable. Also, what characters do these folks play?

Ogawa - Eddie

What about that kaqn guy?

Kaqn’s pretty damn amazing as well. Last I checked his main was still Jam, although he plays some other characters extremely well.

I guess Kaqn would be for Jam and Bridget

Known good players and their respective characters (by no means 100%, but from what I know!)

I-No: ten, attsun
Slayer: kubo, saku, nagi
Bridget: yukinose, ruu, mio
Zappa: poteto (AKA imo)
Robo-Ky: Arisaka, geneiJin
Sol: P.C., TAKA, Daigo (not 100% of this character)
Ky: FAITH, Mitsutoshi
May: Sigihara
Johnny: MSY
Axl: shutto, mensou, kakyuu, ACT
Anji: kaqn, when he played anji for like a month or two. @_@;
Baiken: sharon, to-ru
Eddie: ogawa (considered best player), Hokushin
Millia: koichi, matsu, brown-san, ren
Chipp: MDR
Faust: R.F, pachi, nemo
Jam: kaqn, maybe LETS
Potemkin: MGA
Venom: Zakiyama, n-otoko
Dizzy: H.H., BIG
Testament: shounen
#R announcers: kakyuu, acho’s announcer. TEEEYAAA TEEEYAA TTEEEEYAAA

Ogawa (last time I checked) was still considered the best.

kugler’s list pretty much sums up all the top Japanese players for their respected characters. Some unknowns would be I-No (never seen a consistently good I-No player), and Chipp. MDR vanished from the face of the earth after P.C humiliated him two times in two different A-cho tournaments. :stuck_out_tongue:

Add Attsun and Ten for I-no, Mitsutoshi for Ky, Ruh for Bridget, and GeneiJin for Robo-Ky although i haven’t seen him at all lately.

Goddamn you guys know your Jap players.

The only Jap players I know are the ones that drop by America once in a while or the ones that did something amazing (FULL PARRY SUCKA’).

I really like Bucchi-GO!'s Potemkin. And I like Miu’s Sol a /lot/ better than Daigo’s. Especially after the Yamagata tournament where Daigo nearly got destroyed by two soso Slayers.

I like GNT’s I-No. At least from the few vids I’ve seen of him. I also liked Yukinose’s Anji in those series of matches he did against Shounen. That shit was entertaining as hell. :encore:

I don’t know if kaqn uses Bridget but he won SBO1 for his team with Millia. He’s been in every ggxx final for SBO, winning SBO1 and SBO3 and getting 2nd at SBO2. I’d say that he’s pretty damn consistent and one of the best.

Add Brown-san and Ren for Millia. Add To-Ru for Baiken. Mio for Bridget, and ACT for Axl.

And Master Chibi for Justice.

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You could add AKR for venom in that list though I have not seen him in awhile, he may have quit playing.

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