Japanese Hakan Strategies



“× Oil slide will barely make it in time. After the slide, you’ll have to decide whether or not to use Oil Coaster or other choices.”

Sorry guys, my English is not enough to fully understand this. Does it mean that you’re at + frames or not?

[Edit:] no. you don’t end with advantage for sure, and not even at +0. Tested.


Safe Oil-Setups:
After EX Oil Rocket: dash in once -> jab Oil Slide
After Fierce Oil Rocket: Hold down for crouching position, wait just a mere moment after Hakan gets into crouching position after recovering from Oil Rocket and perform jab Oil Slide.


Hmm… The HP Rocket > dash > HK Dive does not seem to work on Cody like it says it should. In fact, it doesn’t come close.

EDIT: And do all the setups that require backdash have to be done in the corner? That’s the only way I’ve gotten it to work.


Hey guys,

I’ve been experimenting with mixing up safe slide setups with safe empty slide setups. They prove to be fairly useful if you mix the two together. Safe empty slide setups force your opponent in the low blocking position if they’re used to blocking your safe slide setups, it’s practically impossible to tell during the actual slide whether or not it’ll hit or miss, but if you’re opponent is attentive he can tell when you’re setting up for empty safe slide side or safe slide.

However, if you’re good at eyeing the safe slide then you can perform the empty safe slide by just performing the slide a little bit earlier, this way, it is virtually impossible to tell whether the slide will hit or not.

This is also useful if your opponent is aware of safe slide setups and will reversal you on their wakeup. Performing the empty safe slide will cause reversal srk’s to be blocked, allowing you to punish them at will. Knowing what your opponent will do after your safe slide/empty slide setups is key to scoring damage/knockdowns. Hakan has an response for every option on your opponent’s wakeup.


Ok, cool, thanks. =]

Gaoser, are those all assuming that you are oiled or un-oiled as Hakan when you do them?


They work both oiled or un-oiled. I suggest everyone practice the spacing and timing for safe slides, they prove to be fairly useful.


Setups are real nice but seem to find a few dont work or need different dive:

Bison and Gief backdash after HP Rocket puts you too far away!

Viper seems to work with MK Dive not LK.

Adon - after press f.mp, mk dive instead of hk.

Can someone confirm?

I have a feeling Hakan is going to rise in the ranks once people work out his knockdown mix ups and get good with timing and mind games. I now understand why they gave you the chance to hold his Dive…to bait people if you get them in a loop with a backdash setup. One succesful mix up is 1/3 to half life gone - very nice.


For the Bison and Gief thing, those might only work when unoiled, as his backdash is much much shorter then and would definitely leave you in range.


Its without Oil that I tried them. You are half screen away before you even backdash, which means I was whiffing oil dive every time. I might try it with Oil - maybe more range on the throw, but I reckon it will just whiff with the range???


More ddt setups:

after unoiled focus cancel backdash out of slide:
towards+mk --> hk ddt
towards+mp --> lk ddt

When oiled, only the second one works from far away slide, up close the first one works as well. It doesn’t matter anyway, since you should always be dashing forward after fadc slide while oiled up.


Heres another j.rh set up thing.

On Ryu, Ken, Guile, Claw, Sagat, Abel, Rufus, Seth, Rose, Gen, Dan, Guy, T.Hawk, Dudley, and Makoto (they all have the same wakeup frames, correct? If not, please tell me.) :

Air throw: s.mk, s.mp, j.rh

I’d love to find more, like off of oil rocket, oil dive, etc, but I’m much too lazy.


Am I right in thinking that there is nothing the enemy can do about those Dive setups? Not even spam reversal SRK?

If that is so then, assuming your execution is perfect, is it possible to setup a dive and then go:

Oil Dive
-> Standing MP -> Forward Empty Jump -> LK Oil Dive

Repeat until KO. ?


nope, c.lp avoids it, reversal’d srk’s win as well. Its a mixup to add for very high damage.


That should be fwd dash. Same with all the characters it says to do back dash after Oil Rocket, it puts you way out of range.

-> Fwd Dash -> HK Oil Dive

Works nicely on Dictator too.


After EX rocket, whiff c.lk to hp slide. Safe slide I believe.


there are characters that cannot crouch or jump escape the HP and EX Dive after getting hit by 6+MP at standing. it has to hit on standing characters.
followings are the characters who cannot escape by crouch and jump:
DJ, seth, gouken, akuma, gen, dan, juri, abel, sagat, guy, Hakan, Guile, Gief, Rufus, el forte, Barlog, feilong, Hawk, Rose

also, same characters cannot duck or jump out the LP Dive after standing guard 2+lp.

following characters eat Dive on Focus attack Level 2 or counter hit kneeling knock down
Rufus, Hawk, Gief

some updates from J-wiki


another strat from j-wiki.
this one is about wake up cross up which can beat reversal srk or whiff reversal srk by getting srk out on wrong direction.
this happends when you knock opponent with oil slide body press then st.mp whiff, then forward j.HK pretty early.
you need to j.HK early enough so that it will hit the last part of it on opponent or whiff srk.

for most characters, j.HK will cross up or whiff by st.lp > walk forward few pixel > early j.HK, but timing is tight.

per characters (after oil dive body pres):

standard characters:
st.mp > early j.HK
for characters that standard setup whiffs and land behind:
st.lp > walk back few pixels > early j.HK

st.mp > early j.HK (no delay j.hk will cross up, rest will fake cross. won’t work on ex bird)

st.mk > early j.hk

cr.lk > delayed j.hk (no delay will whiff, small delay will land back, more delay will land front)

st.mk > early j.hk (no delay: front, delayed: back or whiff)

6+lp > early j.HK

st.mp > early j.hk (no delay: front, small delay: back, more delay: front)

st.mp > j.mk (cross up)
st.mp > delay j.HK (front)

6+lp > early j.HK
st.mp > forward walk few pixel > early j.hk

st.mk > j.mk (no delay: cross up, rest will land front)

setups for Non-body press knock down:

HP Rocket: forward dash > early j.hk (not exact timing)

air throw: st.mp > st.mk > early j.hk (need some delay)

Oil Dive:
f.dash > back dash > early j.HK (non-oiled condition only)
st.mk > shortest guard position > early j.hk (for standard characters)
st.mp > cr.mp > early j.hk (for standard characters)


Zangief4life: For Cody, it is s.mk.


thanks liquigen


Zangief4Life, when you say certain characters cannot escape an Oil Dive after getting hit by Hakan’s f.mp, do you mean that BLOCKED or HIT you can Oil Dive for free? If so, then that is amazing. <333