Japanese Heroes Avies +

I’m moving next weekend. Probably wont have internet for along while. SOOO… everyone can get avatars from me.

Only thing is, I’m doing only Sentai, Tokusatsu, Super Robot, Kamen Rider, Kaiju, Ultraman, Anime Heroes, and Metal Heroes (See the Theme?).


I’m taking 4 at time. Please wears these for at least 2 weeks. Say thank you dammit, and if someone ask, tell them who did it. :tup:

Linkages -


Hibiki - Dekabreak Ranger


BlodiaVulcan - Gold Ranger


(minus text available too Blodia =])

ytwojay - Green Ranger


Bowling Pin - Supaidaman


nyteblitZ - Red Ninja




Available Spot

Are you shin kairi?

Since you love me, and my ability to spit random fire in Battle Royals that gets my team eliminated instantly, you’ll make me one extra special, right? <3

Not to sound like a dick, but did you ever wear the iPod av that I made you? Or did I even make you one? I don’t care if you didn’t wear it, just next time don’t request an av that you’re not going to wear.



Oh shit. I forgot about it. I’ll wear it now. I’m sorry.

Listen like I said before, I don’t care if you don’t wear it now. You could request shade’s av for all I care his stuff is hot. Just for future reference don’t request an av you’re not going to wear ok?


SK!! Never thought I’d see you start another request thread. Hook it up with a Green Ranger av? :smiley:

Kairi-senpai is free to rape me. :smiley:

Hook me up with Supaidaman. Sorry that the stock images are so bad, but the show barely exists in any form today. If J-Town Spidey goes against your av trend’s rules, then hook me up with Big-O.

I like your style… If I didn’t like mine anymore, I’d totally want an ultraman avatar. :rofl:

=) Done.

Would you be able to hook me up with the original red power ranger ninja from the PR Motion picture? If so, thanks a million.

got some images?

I found this one on one of the links you posted. http://www.rangercentral.com/pics/redninja.jpg . I’ll post the smaller one too http://www.rangercentral.com/pics-mmpr.htm .

Thanks. The tag was too big for SRK to upload, so I just changed it to a gif.

It looks good on ya. ^_~

Oh my, this is too sweet. Thanks a million for this awesome AV!

Thanks SK, it looks bomb. Do you think I could get a non-premium version with no typo? My premie ran out a month or so ago. =[


Thank ya kindly.