Japanese Hugo

I was watching these SBO2 videos just now and there’s a really good Hugo in there (purple). What I noticed was that he’s constantly jumping around. You never see him walk on the ground. Another thing is he does the running grab very often, I would say 1-2 times a round on average and people fall for it almost everytime.

I never thought Hugo players should be constantly jumping around but he’s 5-0 or 6-0 against top players in the vid (granted, he’s really good at poking). What do you guys think?

A link to where you got the videos from would be nice:D

It’s 2 big vid files we’re talking about. 300mb each. No one would host it so you’ll have to get it off direct connect.

Ah I see.



Don’t you just love it when they jump-in jab you, and you parry it, just to be nailed by their Atomic Buster of DooM?

Good Hugos are very good at poking… but running grab? I oughta see that vid someday :wink:

does anyone have these vids???anyone got aim for it?latah

300mb x 2 and you expect people to aim them over? :lol: Good luck.

Btw I don’t think jumping around a lot is the reason why he keeps beating everyone in the vids. I think he’s just very good at poking and he knows his matchups well. It’s amazing and the dude does not even depend on his super either. It’s not like he’s landing 720 on everybody. When I’m playing Hugo and my bar is full, all I think about is landing whatever super I’m using.

i cant find these vids from dc…
can anyone give me a clue…
desperately need some hugo vids…

The hugo from the SBO2 qualifiers was awesome. I have both parts on my fserv in #gamecombos. I also recompressed it a little bit so both files are around 225 megs.

Someone with those 2 vids has to go on DC for you to d/l. I don’t know why those 2 vids are not distributed as much. But keep on searching and people with those 2 vids will eventually come on. Or else I can go on to let you d/l.

It’s really worth the 300mb x 2 especially if you’re a Hugo player. It’s rare enough to find Hugos in any vids and now you get to see

1)pro Hugo playing in big Jap tourney
2)this Hugo actually wins and went 6-0
3)it’s a 3v3 touney and this dude saved his team’s ass several times

It’s a nice feeling. Everytime I watch vids with Hugos in it I expect them to lose (I’m sure you Hugo players do too). I was totally surprised this time around.

yea…i still remember that time when ysb was owned by a sa2 ken…
it’s really a pain in the ass…

So other than cooperation cups, shirube and the vids over at game newton, does anyone know any other jap hugo vids out there?

What site were the vids on?