Japanese joystick not working properly with converters

So yea, ALL of my Japanese sticks or just anything with a ball and stick doesn’t work so well with my PS/2 to USB converter.
I tried using a custom Seimetsu stick, Tekken 5 stick, etc…
I have the Radio Shack one and also a generic one I got off ebay recently.
I even mapped it out all the buttons and inputs.
Still, cannot get things right, having hard time doing fireballs, SRK, huge lag inputs, etc…

BUT… the damn converters works perfectly well with all my MAS sticks.
Anyone else having this same problem as well?
What gives?
Is there anyway to fix this??

Converter Compatibility Thread

You got the reverse. Normally MAS sticks have all kinds of trouble with those crazy ass pcb’s they use.

strange thing to happen to u

I suppose it’s just the converter then cuz all my MAS sticks works on it.