Japanese kanji for the street fighter moves



Hopefully I’m posting in the correct group (this is the closest that I can find).

I’m trying to find out what the kanji characters for jab, strong, fierce, short, forward, roundhouse are.

In another words, how do they define the basic moves in japan?

I’m planning to change the artwork on my hrap3, and also put the artwork containing those kanji characters inside the buttons (using seimitsu’s clear button)

Any help greatly appreciated,

Thank you.


? weak
? strong
? fierce


if you can’t read the kanji, why are you putting it on your hrap?

get out your paddles, everybody.


because it is cool looking…lol


More weeaboo’s


Ohhh what the helllll, I was going to link you to the description pages for this year’s Tougeki SBO games, but apparently they recently edited the layout images for both SF4 and 3S.


I swear that there were proper kanji instead of P and K in those pictures not even a week ago. That’s such a weird change. I remember it so distinctly. I know I’m not just tripping out here. I know I’m not crazy I know I’m not crazy…


Hey thanks! Do you happen to know the characters for ‘punch’ and ‘kick’ as well? or do you generally just use P and K? (like from the website referenced by deadfrog)

What he said…

haha… thanks anyway…


weak/strong/fierce represent both kicks and punches on the japanese machines


Thanks all! I guess this thread can be closed now…

I got a neg rep saying ‘you could have found this using google’

Believe me I tried… this is my last resort… mind telling me what keywords you used for finding it?


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I don’t think he searched.