Japanese marvel "experts" at evo2k9


There was a lot of talk about glorious nippon sending over 8-10 marvel players to evo 2k9. obviously they didnt win, but who where they? how did they do? who was in their teams? ect


There were only 6 as far as I know, its just that Marvel heads thought any asian-looking dude was a Japanese marvel player because people got so hype over Sadao’s Iron Man unibeam infinite :]

They were Joo (SSCC) Meikyousisui video series, **Sunahebi **(the guy laughing in the Japanese match vids on Preppy’s site), **Sadao **(IM/Cable/Sent)-- beat Soo Mighty in casuals, is a big fan of Duc’s and they ran mirror matches with his team, Fantom (SSCyke/C)-- beat BabyWolverine and Mike Chaos in Pool D, was the only Japanese player to beat Yipes in casuals afaik, Dao/Dau – his main team is Omega Red/Jugg/BB Hood, pretty much all you need to know about him :], and “Ken” (MSP) iirc knocked Matrix out of the tournament.

I believe that Fantom and Sadao did the best out of them, Fantom was without a loss for as long as I was watching Pool D. I think Sadao was taken out by Fanatiq. They both probably finished around 13-18ish not really sure.


I’m actually not too good at MVC2. I would say better than most, but not good enough to play with the socal guys. While in Japan I played a bunch at a local arcade and RUINED people. Know one knew what they were doing. Really, the Japanese players just don’t have MvC2 down like we do.

Sadly, this is why they don’t play the game like we do. They either win, or they don’t play.


Did you play against anyone good, or just the random scrubs? I think people are pretty aware that there’s a lot of random scrubs everywhere. :smile:


real talk!
i played a guy on sunday that was just mashing hp lol


My roommate just got back from Japan and he said that he beat three Japanese players in the arcade before they stopped playing him. He said there was a crowd watching him play but they wouldn’t try to beat him… he can’t even magic series so… random Japs can’t beat random USA I guess.


Yes, most of the random people you will see in Japan are beyond terrible. Most good players play at home or Alpha Station, IIRC. If they’re terrible, yeah, they’re terrible for Japan too. You’d know the good people.


I saw an amazingly pro player at evo, I think he played Dan/Servbot/Roll…


Sup brah


The guys I beat had just played in an arcade tournament. A pretty good sized crowd formed also. The Japanese just don’t get MvC2. I don’t even top tier whore either (Rogue, Sent, Juggy)


I lived in japan for one year back in 2003-2004
the best player at the time was matsui
if you search YouTube you will find some matsui vs Justin wong matches
I am quite good at mvc2 not sure about top 25 in the world or anything like that
and I won their minitournament

played white and BAS (they sucked)

matsui is a beast tho
one hit from ironman and entire team is dead
my solution? Didn’t get hit once! Lol and once his cable came in it was too easy

I noticed Japanese have too many gimicks
they either hit you with their one combo (on which they have 110% execution) or the just fail horribly

they do not adapt quite the same as American players

in casuals I got perfected by a shuma gorath team!
The guy did the infinite on all 3 of my characters

EDIT: his name is Mitsu
search mitsu vs Justin wong