Japanese MVC2 guide


I was wondering if anyone knows where to get this guide (online or not) :


Or if anyone has info about this guide. Not that I’m using it as a reference (this MVC2 section is well enough), I am just curious to know what it contains. Thanks

I’ve got the SF Zero 3 book from this publisher. It’s got frame data, hit box information, and tons of other stuff. So its a good bet its got similar info.

i dont think they make them anymore, i cant even fine it on ebay. The one i have seen is the prima one, is it the same?

Is this it? A little hard for me to tell since the book doesn’t seem to have the extra text your link had. But that may have been part of a wrapper.

So for reference, the MvC2 translation is ???VS??? . Don’t worry if that doesn’t show up for you - that’s all from the Japanese character set. It just makes searching against Japanese sites easier.

There’s actually clearly a second guidebook too as seen here. I don’t know the relative value of these, and it would cost about $100 to obtain one, but — FYI.

I Have this book. Basically its just a more detailed version of the instruction booklet. The first couple pages show you the basics like Super Jumping, Alpha Counters, How to DHC…etc.

Then it has a page for every Character in the game. I cant read Japanese but it looks like a brief character background, and what each of their three assist types do.

Then the last part of the book has concept art for all the new characters in the game like Ruby, Amingo, Marrow, Son Son, Tron…etc.

Hope that helps.

If you post images, ill translate.