Japanese national CvS2 tournament


Any news about this (mainly players attending)? Can you please give us vids Gunter?

I’m more interested in the results of this than any of the evo tournaments. Get hype!


When is it happening? And yeah vids would be awesome as hell


a-cho doesn’t allow footage to be taken at their tournaments.


  1. KOK
  2. YSK (aka 555)
  3. Cross


  1. Nakanishi/KOK/Uma
  2. Mizoteru/GAO/D44
  3. dunno - either Pinokio/Kousaka/Chapa or Daidouraku/Maeda/YSK

Keep checking a-cho’s page for the official vids. You don’t want to miss GAO’s K-Nako vs. KOK and Uma in the finals.:wow:


Desora has already kindly done us a favor in uploading alot if it :smiley:


well if the japanese are still playing…


my thoughts exactly


KOK so sick.

Cross too.


can someone give me the link to acho’s site and how to get the vids? it’s been awhile since i went straight to the site itself to get vids…

peace and thanks


Yo Pope, you still playing? anything?
Didn’t you say you were quitting? haha


When I get a break from grad school I like to watch match vids like the good old days. It’s not easy to completely shut out something you did for 8+ years. But I sold my stick/games over a year ago, so I don’t actually play very often. There is a decent crew of people in Lexington who play mostly guilty gear, blazblue, SF4, and ST, I just don’t have time to get games in with them as often as I’d like. And I don’t really have the time/desire to learn an entire game as in depth as I did with cvs2, so it’s still my favorite hands down.

But does anyone know how to access those acho vids before they’re taken down? I clicked around www.a-cho.com but couldn’t find the 3 on 3 cvs2 vids…



Acho youtube channel!

(thx to madjid)


whoa. lotsa ngroovers, Iori, chun…

There was a ngroove player (n-iori, chun, sagat) that was on fire…


Much thanks for posting that channel D@ru! In case anyone didn’t know, the youtube site has what appears to be post-tournament casuals, and not actual tournament footage. The first 5 or 6 are a Tsugunosuke highlight reel (15 win streak)!

A few questions about the videos and the tournament in general:

-Can anyone ID the following players from the youtube videos: the C/K-morrigan player (Bea?); the A Blanka/Bison/Vega(R2) in vids # 8 and 9 (KOK?); and the C Blanka/Sagat/Chun in vid # 10 (Looks like someone’s casual-only team)?

-What happened to Bas in the 1 on 1?


I like how Tsugunosuke breaks a pill for the damage bonus sometimes


I’ve been looking, but no sign of the actual tournament vids yet. Does anybody know if they were posted back in July? I was really wanting to see Gao K-groove vids, his Geese is great.