Japanese National Tournament (from July) - Full Results and Discussion


I was poking around the A-Cho site when I discovered that they now post the brackets for all of their tournaments here:


Sure enough, the CvS2 tournament brackets are posted in full in the 7/18 and 7/19 entries. Of course, they are all in Japanese, so I took a stab at translating the top 32 (out of 66) from the singles tournament and the top 16 (out of 23) from the teams tournament, which you can check out here:


(None of the bracket format came through on google docs. The singles bracket was totally messed up, so I put it all in a spreadsheet instead. I couldn’t figure out the names of all the players, so I put in my best guess or whatever babelfish came up with in a few cases, lol [there are probably some mistakes]. Also the team tournament did two sets of round-robins to come up with the top 8 teams. I indicated the teams that tied for 13th and 9th by showing them as eliminated at earlier stages of a single elim tournament-their placement does not mean that they were beaten by any particular team ahead of them, I just wanted to have them in the bracket.)

I thought it was interesting to see how the tournament played out, and also tallied a bunch of groove and character-use stats because I’m geeky like that. If anyone’s interested in that stuff, let me know and I can post that too.


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Singles Groove Use (%)(top 16)

Team Groove Use(%) (out of 47 players)

-In the top 32 its an almost even split between C/N, A, and K grooves. When it comes to the best of the best though, most of them use A-groove.

-People supposedly like team tournaments because they have more variety, but there isn’t that much difference in groove usage between the singles and team tournaments. You see slightly more N-groove players in the team tournament, and there was 1 S and 1 P player. On the other hand, you also see more A-Groove players in the team tournament than in the singles tournament.


Character Data

Singles Tournament - Top 32 (96 characters total)
23 different characters used

Top 10 chars (including groove)

  1. a-bison (10)
  2. k-sagat (9)
  3. a-blanka (8)
  4. c-sagat (7)
    5-t) k-blanka (5)
    5-t) k-cammy (5)
    7-t) a-sakura (3)
    7-t) a-iori (3)
    7-t) k-hibiki (3)
    7-t) a-vega (3)

Top 10 overall

  1. Sagat (17)
  2. Blanka (16)
  3. Bison (11)
  4. Cammy (7)
  5. Iori (6)
    6-t) Chun Li (5)
    6-t) Hibiki (5)
    8-t) Sakura (3)
    8-t) Kyo (3)
    8-t) Vega (3)
    8-t) Ken (3)

Team Tournament - Top 16 (47 players - 141 characters total)
26 different characters used

Top 10 chars (including groove)

  1. a-bison (17)
  2. a-blanka (13)
  3. c-sagat (10)
  4. k-sagat (8)
  5. k-cammy (7)
    6-t) k-blanka (6)
    6-t) a-vega (6)
  6. a-sakura (5)
    9-t) c-blanka (4)
    9-t) k-bison (4)
    9-t) c-ken (4)

Top 10 overall

  1. Blanka (26)
  2. Sagat (23)
  3. Bison (21)
  4. Cammy (9)
  5. Vega (7)
    6-t) Iori (6)
    6-t) Chun Li (6)
    6-t) Sakura (6)
    6-t) Ken (6)
  6. Hibiki (5)

-Again, this shows to me that team tournaments being more varied than singles tournaments is a myth, at least in CvS2: 23 characters used in singles vs 26 in teams, and the top 10 lists are very much the same. There were more A-are teams in the team tournament than there were in the singles tournament (look at vega’s big jump in the overall rankings).

-A-Sakura has fallen out of favor in Japan (only 3 out of 32 in the singles tournament used her, 5 out of 47 in teams). Reinforces my belief that she doesn’t belong in top tier anymore - she just doesn’t dominate the way A-Bison, A-Blanka, or C/N/K-Sagat do. Those three all have more versatility in getting big damage, and aren’t handicapped with low life/stun. That two of the top four (in singles) have her on their teams seems more a coincidence than anything else. If K-Cammy is high-mid, then so is A-Sak.

-Look at all the Iori! Iori was the fifth most used character in the singles tournament, with 6 teams having him (by comparison, there were 17 sagats, 16 blankas, 11 bisons and 7 cammys). Is there any particular reason for his spike in popularity? For someone I though was in the lower end of the high-mid tier (especially in C or A groove), it is particularly surprising. I would take it to show that CvS2 has great balance, and that the skill of players like KOK and Cross is more important than character selection.

-In the team tournament, what was up with all the K-bison players (including known CBS players Mizoteru and Sacchansan)? Misprint? Inside joke?