Japanese or American arcade sticks? Whats your preferance?

Recently i ordered a Hori Real Arcade Pro stick for the PS2 (PC/PS3 with a converter). For me i prefer Japanese arcade sticks because ive used them more in the last few years due to my vacations to Japan and my use of the Astro Cabs at Club Sega. Yet i grew up on American sticks in the arcades. I was watching a match between John Choi and Afrolegends and John was using a American stick like the OG he is and Afro was using a Hori. It got me thinking what is better.

My question is guys what do you prefer? Square gates vs looser 360 degrees? Convex vs concave? Is it a generational divide that the old school players who grew up in the 90’s arcade scene prefer Happ sticks and today’s players prefer Hori’s? Feel free to discuss? I’m very interested in what you have to say.

Peace and good gaming. :rock:

I prefer American sticks because thats what I am use to. i currently use a SFA stick with all happ parts. I went to a freinds house who had sanwa sticks & it was very difficult for me to get use to it. I think some of the problem is I have large hands and the sanwa stick is just tiny to me. I would like to try a bat top sanwa but I think I will just stick to happ.

Jap jap jap jap jap!!!

I prefer japanese but it’s all I know really, living in the UK. Don’t get many console sticks with American layouts.

No strong preference; anything is better than a standard pad. I had a Hori FS3, it was good for casual play while it lasted.

I started out using American, but ever since I’ve bought a HRAP, I’ve gotten used to JP too. Then I recently got a seimitsu LS-32 stick and it feels different than a Sanwa, so I’d say 50/50.

I have one of each. Sometimes my HRAP is my baby, other times my MAS is the one I reach for. I’m like a lot of the guys on here: A different stick for a different game.

My HRAP admittedly sees more use by me, but I have friends who are die-hard old-school and prefer the American layout, so they grab the MAS for SFIV and HD Remix beat-downs.

i grew up using american parts like happ. but my first home console stick was a hori, and i spent wayyyy more time with the hori than i have with any other stick out there. i actually prefer the square gates over anything else. my only complaint about jap sticks are that they are kinda loose.

I had a Happ MAS a while back but I prefer my TE Sanwa. So I guess Japanese.

American for me, I don’t mind using both though.

I can do both. I’ve never had trouble with either.

i like happ stick with jap buttons/layout

Have a MAS competition stick and a TE. Definitely like Japanese sticks more.

Unless it’s an X-Arcade!!

All Sanwa with an octagonal gate. I can do sqaure gates but octagonal just feels so much better. I have an all Happ stick, but that barely gets any use these days.

Grew up using the american stick. Since SF4 came out, been using the Japanese stick(TE) with battop. The only thing I wished is that the shaft was longer. I remember some original SF2 arcades had longer shafts. I think it makes it easier to pull off moves.

That begs the question, does anyone know if there is an extension adapter or a different shaft I can purchase for the sanwa joystick in TE fight stick?


what octagonal gate do you have, i just got my TE stick and i hate this square crap.

Buy the Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal plate. That’s a quick swap for the square gate in your TE stick, that’s what I’m doing next week (and an Bat Top).

im trying to get used to jap sticks since a majority of people say how great they are…i just wish it was stiffer, it seems really loose. im going to buy some springs and try to make it stiffer. i think for me its hard not to hit the octo gate using the sanwa…ive heard u arent supposed to hit the gate but coming from an American setup its pretty difficult not too…ill give it a while and then switch back if i still cant get the hang of it.

HAPP all the way. I’ve got an SF2T arcade machine with HAPP competition and all convex buttons - so that is what my home built stick which is currently in design phase will have.

It also just dawned on me that the machine I bought from the local arcade in 97 was the very same machine I spent 75% of my SF2 time on since the game came out! No wonder I’m partial to the controls. HAPP for ever! haha