Japanese or American style sticks?

Which is the best? I’ve read that Japanese style ones can perform the moves faster. Is this true?

US sticks = club

JPN Sticks = rapier

Think about it.

I truely don’t think that either one is “better.”

However, I do prefer jp stick over am any day.

It s all personal preference. “I truely don’t think that either one is “better.””

It really depends on your hand. My fingers are so curled and warped from years of typing (I had carpal tunnel way back in seventh-grade) that I don’t have any trouble covering all six buttons on a US stick. If you have a hard time using all the buttons without sliding your hand around, you should probably go with a Japanese-style stick that fits your hand.

jap sticks have faster input, i prefer them too.

US sticks have more “leeway” inbetween things, so sometimes you have to consider slowing down so the inputs go in correctly.
but when your in rthym, theres plenty of things you can do to occupy yourself with the leeway, and in some games, its rewarding.
since i have more strength in my forearm to the bottom of my palm and thumb, its kinda tough for me to make the tiny circles i d be doing with a US stick on a jap stick without “cheating” and putting in some forearm. so in some regards, US sticks are superior for its environment(meaty big americans).

but i also think its a good idea to play on jap sticks once in a while, not just for isolating wrist/index~thumb strength. after getting use to it, it can help your reflexes.

ones skinny and ones fat? A rapier would hurt more.

On the one hand, I’ve hit some punk once with a (heavy-duty) stick and it worked quite well, on the other hand I have never considered the possibility to pierce through my opponents lungs with a JP stick… might be worth testing :rofl:

More seriously, JP stick have far better ergonomy (imho) and better response. However, if you have played all your life on a US layout, I’m not sure switching now is such a good idea…

I actually just started playing 2D fighters. I’m 100% scrub. I don’t own a stick yet.

If you are just now making a transition to an arcade stick I think it would be a hard decision. If you have local arcades around using p360s or competition sticks you might want to get an american style joystick to get used to that feeling, but if it’s all just for personal reasons I would definatley get a sanwa. I have both and I can honestly say going from japanese to american style stick is alot easier than going from an american stick to japanese style. Japanese sticks in my opinion just feel alot more responsive since it’s on a really loose spring and the buttons have a very unique feeling.

The one arcade in my city only has 3 2D fighters. MK3, marvel vs street fighter and Capcom vs SNK chaos. I’m leaning towards a Japanese stick.

Then my advice is :

  1. if you can, try both layouts. Even without playing if you can’t thouroughly test some. That should help you to find what layout feels better for you (or feels natural for you)

  2. Buy a GOOD stick, especially for 2D fighters. I mean, don’t ruin yourself in a X-arcade or some stick made for general use, you’d just waste your money. Good choices include

  • custom sticks (if you can, I don’t know better - there are a few good stick makers that build some really really tight sticks)
  • MAS sticks (probably the best after a good custom)
  • hori soul calibur II
  • a few others (ask others on the forums or even search for similar threads, there should be some info)

P.S. Of course, ignore the 2) if it’s for an arcade cabinet… though the quality matter is of highest importance

I was thinking of ordering from Dreaded Fist. Everyone says he’s great. There really is no way for me to try out a Japanese style but they look like they’d play better for me.

Get an american stick…I had the chance to play on a sanwa the other day…didnt like :tdown:
Its…“not rugged” as american sticks.Feels like its gonna break or some shit if if I start doing anything crezy with it(like painting fences for instance).Try using a tekken 5 or green agtec for dreamcast.Sanwa falls in the same category…if you are used to those then sanwa will probly work for you.

Either way its all about personal preference so american sticks work great for meh ! :karate:
(again…jap sticks probly are GREAT and all that jazz but didnt work for me…maybe cuz I never used those ball type sticks before)

This is coming from a person who’s been playing for… some good time now. IMHO it’s best to start with Japanese sticks. Every person I know who started playing on japanese sticks got used to American sticks with no problem. However, when a person who started off on American stick had problems making transition to Japanese sticks.

Well, I didn’t want to influence your choice by inciting you to get one from DF but if you’re already heading that way… No seriously, his sticks are the real thing.

I started on US sticks, then I got stationed here for 4 years. I can’t play half as good on US sticks anymore. I notice that I grip the ball WAY differently than I used to grip the bat, and I’ve gotten relatively good in the past few years, so much that I feel out of place yanking that stick around to do shit.

I prefer American sticks by far…but poll has it that overall,people like Jap sticks.


Haha, stop mashing when you paint the fence :badboy:

I bought the Tekken 5 Limited Edition set, and if the joystick that is included is Japanese style, then I prefer American (because of the club-like nature). Though I will say that there seems to be a little more precision involved with the jap-style (I’m just not used to it).