Japanese or English Voice Actors?


Which voice actors do you prefer to use? Me personally, I prefer the English voice actors. Why? Because I’m an American, therefore I understand English, not Japanese. I just find it easier to get invested into the characters and their personalities when I can understand what they’re saying.

That’s why I have a hard time knowing the personalities of the majority of characters in KOF13, because I can’t understand what the characters are saying. Besides, I find that some of the Japanese voices are downright unlistenable in SSF4 (Juri, Cody, Cammy).


I like the English because I’m not a weebo.


Depends on the character(El Fuerte’s English voice is obnoxious), but generally I prefer English because I speak English.


Mostly Japanese, some English ones depending on the character. Most of the Japanese voices just straight up sound better, whereas the English ones sound like they have no idea what they’re saying.

It’s the same problem with dubbed anime.


lol @ anyone who prefers Akumas english voice.


it doesn’t matter. they add next to nothing to the game.


I’d prefer you use the search function first next time…


I think most people go for Japanese voices for the sake of lip-syncing. It’s just painful to watch otherwise.


For Japanese characters I go with Jap. Simple is. If the character is downright annoying then (el fuerte) then they are becoming a weeboo.


What a stupid thing to say. God forbid anyone learn any thing about another culture or language.


Yeah, this pretty much. Dubbed anime is unbelievably horrible and so are most dubbed games. They chose the original voice actors for a reason.


I play in Japanese. The characters scream hadoken regardless. I switch to English when I want to hear cries of ‘profound sadness!’ however.


Yeah dubs suck. I haven’t researched but English are probably high schoolers or kids/relatives of Capcom USA, while Japan is real voice actresses. Also, let’s face it the actual stuff they are saying is really cheesy and dumb. In Japanese you can pretend they are saying something cool.


Tekken style (mixed settings).

Ryu, Sakura, Gouken, Dan, and Akuma speak Japanese. Ken speaks English.

Guy speaks Japanese. Cody speaks English.

Makoto speaks Japanese. Gen, Yun, Yang, Chun, and Fei Long speak English because… international characters other than Japanese natives speak English. Huh huh huh.

I’d really prefer native languages for everyone. Since this is supposed to be harkening back to THE WORLD WARRIOR and all. But like, you know… whatever.


Yeah this is what I would like too. It would rock so much, and there is little excuse not to do it.
It really wouldn’t be very hard to find people so you could have the characters speaking their native tongues. You wouldn’t have to go to every country to get them, you could probably find enough ex pats in US or Japan.


The problem with a lot of dubs is that they use the same pool of 20 people or so and they don’t really give a shit about what they’re saying or know any thing about the source material (usually.)


I agree. I think it’s a matter of effort, really.
For example, Solid Snake’s voice is soooo much better in English than Japanese (as is the rest of the MGS cast).

In the case of SFIV though, the Japanese voices are far superior and much more entertaining.


David Hayter does a good job, yeah.


You know, I’d kinda like for Capcom to go the Punch-Out!! route, but then again, the devs for that game were in Canada, so they had quite a pool of foreign-language talent to choose from.

With Capcom being in Japan, that’s probably not an option. Hell, it’s decent enough we even GOT the ability to switch to English at all, considering the track record.


i prefer original Japanese voices, some of the english voices are ok, but most of theme just make my ears bleed, put gouken on english and do ultra 2 … have fun