Japanese Oro videos



Due to a lack of competition I learn a lot of my oro from video such as Jinrai’s, HungB’s, and of course jap vids. Since jpn Oro videos are rare, I’ll try to compile a list of all the jpn Oro videos I have seen available floating around on the net.

Cooperation Cup 1.
-2 matches
-Orange Oro getting a perfect on 50% Urien using a SA2 in the corner to get a perfect. lose bad. Shows 1 round of blue oro losing bad to Urien as well.

Kyushu Takai 2003
-2 matches.
-Hugo vs Oro SA2. Very close game. Hugo barely wins. Exciting match.
-Oro vs Ken. Not much to see since Oro lose quite badly both rounds.

Acho 2003-10-19
-sf33s-jap-acho_20031019g_3on3 <= my renamed filename.
-3on3 tournament.
-SA3 Oro defeats Chunli in 2 rounds. Then loses to Ken next round. A lot to learn from 1st round, but Oro loses both game. 2nd round was a quite a beating once Ken limited Oro’s movement by keeping him near the corner.

Game Newton.
-sf33s-jap-newton-2003-05-24_ysb_final <= my renamed filename
-SA2 Oro (Gohan) vs YSB (hugo). 2nd round was really close, but oro loses both round.

-Yellow Oro vs Ryu. Oro missed a lot of round winning attempts. Oro wins only 1 round.
-Green Oro vs Dudley. Oro missed a lot of attempts. Lose all 3 rounds quite badly.

Tokushima Casual Play.
-SA2 Oro vs Ken. Oro loses on the 5th round. lands a lot of unblockable in various rounds with d.parry to mp launchers.
-Tokushima_3s_September_Casual__Kyo (Alex) vs. KTA (Oro).mpg
-Orange Oro vs Alex. Oro wins 3 round while Alex 1. 1 round Oro has a perfect due to unblockable.
Tokushima_3s_September_Casual__Kyo (Dudley) vs. KTA (Oro).mpg
-Orange SA2 Oro vs Dudley. Oro wins 3 round while Dudley wins 1.

-these are quite old videos.
-SA3 Oro vs Yang. Oro does EX SA3 against Yang in the corner. Double jump to stay above yang when yang jumps. Double air parry to airthrow Yang. Oro wins only 1 round.
-SA3 Oro vs Remy. Oro does a string of blocked and unblocked attacks with SA3 that kills Remy with 65% life. Remy wins 1 round.

This is all I have. I would definately like to see more.

P.S. If you want to contact me, I’m on #SF3NEO on EFNET server on irc.


Good shit.

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