Japanese Oro Vids

Apologies if you guys have already seen this, but this guys Oro is exactly the way oro should be played. Charge partition like a monster, tricks out the whazoo, and even random activate EX! Too scary. Oro videos are on the top group, vids, s6-1-1, s6-3-1, and s6-6-1. Oh btw, what is the name of this golden Oro player?


(Deleted for being too harsh on Thanatos.)

I admit, some stuff is scrubby, but he has to have a reason for it (like after tengu combo, stand forward fireball reset, wtf?) but he is good. Kuroda who played Q at Co-op cup 2 was a monster who fucked up HELLA people an I belive his team got 3rd or 4th. Some stuff this Oro player does is dope, like using fireballs. He really utilizes charge partitioning against that one Yun player, he just does fireballs outta nowhere like, stands still and then does them. I barley saw him partition. Since Oro’s pokes are okay, he sometimes needs fireballs as an extended poke.

Kuroda is a good player, like his mega-turtling against Ibuki, though he played like total shit against Tanatos. A good Q does not cancel into SA1 when his rush punch was blocked; as shown in Streak’s tutorial, Q can easily hitconfirm a connected rush punch into the super.

As for Tanatos’ fireball and partitioning tactics, Inoue does it much better. The Yun match was nothing special in terms of partitioning. He did a double-dashback fireball, a dashback-fireball, and a dashback-EX fireball. The “standing still” fireballs are just him ducking, walking back, ducking, and shooting a fireball. That’s not even partitioning at all. SF2 Guile can hold DB, then walk backwards, hold DB, and throw a sonic boom and it’ll look the same.

Tanatos makes a lot of newbie mistakes in every single vid I’ve seen of him, whether it’s on Carol Sakura or A-cho. The man needs a lot of work himself, and certainly isn’t a player you should emulate.

anyone know where any other oro videos are out there?? They are hard to find, i only have these and jinrai’s video(which is really great btw! :tup: )

krazie: meet me in #capcom or #combovideos on EFNet and I’ll hook you up with videos of real Oro players like Inoue, Hirochan, Hungbee, and Tama.

Jinrai, mind if I dropped by combovideos for the same videos? I had to format my comp and lost all my vids. I had some great stuff too. Damn.

No problem Varleran, if you see me there just let me know.

Hah. Kickass.

I thought I was the only guy who was thinking “Wtf?” while watching that Oro play.

Still, always something someone can learn from anything. Even if it’s “Hm. Really shouldn’t do that”

Hirochan’s my fucking hero.

Anyone can tell me the username/pass to get the vids?

FUCK all you tanatos haters, cause that jagga proved himself at the gvision tourney.

How often are you in there Jinrai?

Yeah, I have to hand it to him for beating team FFA. But he’s still a very unsafe player that takes tons of risks and makes lots of execution mistakes and poor judgement calls, like dashing in the middle of an EX Tengu juggle, WTF. Whatever works, I guess. Hitsuji was much more orthodox but got peaced out by not knowing how to handle Healing.

Inoue, Hirochan, and Dirty are still better IMO. Thanatos is a crazy lucky sumbitch.

N+6: I’m on more often now since I’m off school. Message me there and I’ll get back to you.

to learn thanatos’ oro is like learning SA2 ken. not how most ppl play, but works sometimes.

hahaha yeah, i admit, thanatos plays hella unsafe, but he has some dope tricks, he dashed in the middle of ex tengu cause he wanted the reset. also that trick with mp, d.fiercexxxreg tengu into command grab is fuck tricky, EVERYBODY tries to parry that shit. he can also use fireballs pretty well too. the only thing that i don’t approve is how he uses drills…fuck, it’s risky, but it’s like ken doing wakeup dp sometimes, you called their move.

Dirty Music is pretty fuckin dope, he beat ricky 2-0 at sbo3. ricky told me that dirty beat him by turtling like a beast, running, double jump shennanagins and partition fireballs.

I have a friend who plays Oro a bit like Thanatos. I can assure you that it can get frustrating to play against that style, even if I get to capitalyze when I block the unsafe stuff.

thanatos is VERY sick.

how can anyone not see that?

He just throws the concept of risk/reward out the window. He has some interesting tactics, but I’m not sure how effective they really are. Ground reset during EX Tengu? Very easy to spot and block; you won’t even have to block for long because Tengu time is almost up at that point. Low Fierce XX regular Tengu, command grab? If it connects, YOU’RE in the corner and they’re free to run away…

It’s very different. I guess his opponents are just caught off-guard when he does the opposite of what most Oro players do. You could probably call it Ume-Oro, heh.

I’ve played Thanatos quite a bit last week. I’ve never had so much fun playing against Oro before. Most of his stuff is unsafe but he’s good enough to make it work a lot of the time. He’s a good player and a really funny guy.