Japanese Oro Vids

it’s that confidence factor, usually people who play oro know they HAVE to try to parry the d.fierce reset so i think people will eat that shit like the first time 100% that ex tengu reset was a bad call though, still though, that fool seems like he really runs on adrenaline/momentum

Either way, I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more of Thanatos in the future. Too bad there’s been so little footage of other players lately.

who is that white oro in the g-up tourney? he plays with saII, that is probably one of the best model oro’s i’ve seen

If you mean Shirube 2, that’s Tama.

Just watched GVision tourney… tanatos got balls. It’s almost funny how he seemingly tries to parry EVERYTHING and eats everything in the process.

Still he managed to beat Frankie3s and Pyrolee and that’s a big success. I feel sorry for Hitsuji though :(. While we’re at it - can someone post some tips on how to deal with healing?

Stay within 3/4 screen distance. If you’re at full screen, she can heal fully for free; that was Hitsuji’s problem. And obviously, don’t get thrown or otherwise knocked down.

The sad thing is, that there are so many situations which end with a knock down that you are bound to bite the floor eventually - it’s VERY hard to avoid all of them and ONE mistake means Elena getting back quite a lot of health bar. I find it similar to fighting Chun Li - you have to be very careful and block all the crouching MKs, but eventually one will go through and BANG - 33% life gone…

Most characters have to deal with this, of course, not just Oro. Take advantage of the fact that she’s lost her Brave Dance and her EX potential. Healing may drag out the match (it certainly did against Hitsuji) but as long as you keep your cool you should be fine.

yeah, no big supers and no ex = 3s vega = no big damage

In that case resorting to offence seems to be a good idea - and that’s exactly what Hitsuji did, but unfortunately he got parried nearly all the time. That’s where the skill factor appears i guess :D.

thanatos is sick cuz he doesnt block. if he blocks, its by accident cuz he was charging for a charge move. he only attacks and parries, with no pattern or plan in his attack.

And to the topic of Thanatos i shall return now :smiley:

Have you already seen the newest “ranbat”? Looking at how Thanatos played and how far he got i’m starting to think that Oro is a super-offensive type of character (and to this day i thought that Oro should be very carefully played and poking all day)

What are your comments on the matter?

Downloading. From what I hear, this will be very entertaining.

lol, so true

THANATOS IS FUCKIN HARD AS ROCKS, that guy is pure energy, people cheer for him so hard, he cheers for hella people, just look at the way he plays oro, so sick. nobody can copy his style, it’s too crazy, he is hands down my favorite oro player. THANATOS DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK when he plays, it’s too dope

His opponents don’t give a fuck either. They just don’t feel like punishing any of Thanatos’ huge mistakes. For example, Koshun’s Chun blocks his command grab at 47:22. This is a free low forward super, but Koshun doesn’t want to do it. There are a lot more examples of Thanatos getting away with a blocked uppercut or command grab, things that should have gotten him owned.

Thanatos does some really nice stuff at times, but his opponents need to start taking advantage of his recklessness.

hahahaha, i think he overwhelms them with his randomness, it’s like yun in genei, you get rushed down so hard, you have a hard time punishing the openings

3 drills in a row? hahahaha, it’s so stupid and random people think, that’s SOOOOOO risky, why do it, oh yeah golden oro for luck =)

His crazy screaming probably helps too.

I agree with Jinrai. Thanatos got away with too many mistakes.

Maybe Thy’s right tho, his randomness is a syke factor and it gets people out of their “punish” state of mind.