Japanese Players Attending!

After speaking with Kuni Funada today, he gave me a list of players that are coming from Japan that are locked in. The list is as follows:

Daigo - Da Beast
Nuki - capcom 2D fighter god
BAS - CC master
Tokido - top 3s Urien player and SBO1 cvs2 champ
Otaku - capcom top player
DAN - another solid top player
KSK - 3S Alex master
Kokujin - 3S top player
Kuni - Zangief master

Tekken players
TARE(aka Kenbou) - tekken god
TKYM - SBO2 t4 champ
mishimaster - WGF machine
sdz - top bryan player
souten - top yoshi player
mister - top hwoarang player

More players are trying to come, but are not 100% confirmed yet, such as Mago and Mitsu. Stay tuned for updated information.

any word on ko?

Fuckin Kuni !!! =o !!!

I talked to Mago and Kindebu yesterday, and they both said they are going. Also, Takayuki will be there. Mitsu is unsure, but probably not…:sad:


What I’m wondering is…what ever happened to Ino? Remember that guy?

in some thread, someone said he heard a rumor he died of something, drugs? but im sure thats not the case, maybes hes moved on past fighting games? i remember the Ino vs Ricky bout in cvs2 , with death by insta lvl 3 blanka ball, that was top tier shit =]

hahah, ‘he died’ is slang the japanese in particular bas always busts out for saying they don’t know where the fuck someone is. last i heard ino hasn’t been around since he was supposed to win SBO or whatever tournament it was and he didn’t.


WOO HOO!! Kindebu! I love that guy. The more fat in the top 16 the happier I am!

Does anyone know which Korean players will attend Evo this year (for T5 of course)?

so far as I know, three Korean players for T5 will come; which are:
Mad Dog Jin - he’s already in LA and nobody can stand a chance to beat him. He’s expected to win T5.
Qundas - he won the ‘ticket to evo2k5’ tourney in Korea with his massive DevilJin.
knee - he’s #1 bryan player in Korea.
(above two are in process of visa work and hope nothing fail)

I’m curious if Japan’s skill level is in the same level as them.
Tare told me no problem to beat them, but I doubt…

Here’re some grudge match I wanna see:
MDJ vs. Tare(kenbou) - rivality since T4
Qudans vs. Mishimaster - which mishima move is crazier?
knee vs. sdz/hato - both are nation’s leading bryan players.

I’d set up this int’l competition in BYOC IF no official T5 event is set.

Thanks for the info Kuni. Tare is crazy if it’s not a problem to beat them. I watched the video of him going to Korea to play Nin/Leedy/Holeman, and he didn’t do too well against them. It’s good to know Knee is coming and is SDZ the finalist from SBO2?

Knit, Mester, and Raoh all confirmed that they are coming Evo. KO wants to come, but is still not certain. It depends on how much money he can make playing slots from now until Evo to pay for his plane ticket.

Regardless, 3s competition will be the best it’s ever been this year.

Daigo SBO 2005 Champ - Ken
Ohnuki SBO 2005 Champ - Chun Li
Raoh SBO 2004 Champ - Chun Li
Mester SBO 2004 Champ - Yun
Knit - Yun
Kokujin - SBO 2005 2nd Place - Dudley
KSK - Evo 2003 3rd, 2004 5th - Alex
Tokido - Urien
Matsuda - Game Newton Owner - Ken
Otaku - Recently started focusing on 3s

And of course, KO if he comes.

in addition, a player named MOV is coming. he’s a 3s player that plays chun and “is as good as raoh”.

also confirmed:

miu - the wildest sol ever
kindebu - evo2k4 cvs2 champ, ts5 #r champ, also top 4 at sbo3 in #r, ts5 a3 champ, ts5 2nd place cfj, and top 5 3s
mago - sbo3 cfj champ, cbo2 cvs2 champ, evo2k3 3rd place in cvs2
chikyuu - low tier warrior
mitsu - japan’s #1 marvel player
RF - top KOF player, best faust in kansai area, top 3 at sbo3 #r

RF kunnnn!!

Yayayayayay Rf!!!

Besides Da beast, Miu, Kindebu, Mago, and R.F. Do we have anymore JPN #reload players attending?? I was hoping Ogawa and some of the players in A-cho would make an appearance this year, making it far more interesting.


P.S. I wish Ogawa, N-Otoko, P.C, 012, Sharon, kaqn, H.H, Matsu goes to Evo ^ ^ b.

Evo is gonna be dope.

Hoping to see Kuni make top 8 in ST again



Guess the Kforce is gonna practice every fucking day from now till EVO !


The KOF GOD by the name of RF is coming back.
Now is on in KOF

Now they gotta have KOF in the line up.