Japanese players coming to evo?

Whos coming? D:

There was a topic a few weeks ago that said 40 Japanese (+ me, who is not japanese) are coming to evo. No info since

I know one guy that’s gonna come down. My arch enemy Heavenfrombelow. We have like the biggest grudge in SRK history. That bastard IMd me the other day tellin me to watch out and that his Dhalsim would take my Dhalsim anyday in SvC Chaos and that his marvel teams could take my marvel teams. I money match this fag:

  • SvC Chaos, Dhalsim vs. Dhalsim 3/5 rounds $500 (Just because I know I’ll win)
  • MvC2, any teams 3/5 $100

You’re goin down you stupid fuck!!! Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Record, post up, creamy fist kthxbye

so… any names confirmed yet?

i want ko and/or mester in my pool

errr…not a japanese player but is pyrolee going to be there?

god, your avatar is the best.

dude, you dont know how much i watch it over and over and over again

Remy deserves a beating for ripping off guile

mester should come but boss would be really nice oh and that scrub ogawa

remy’s charlies kid, guile’s like his god father.

I dont know if they would allow you to suck thier dicks yet tho.

:clap: :rofl:

Damn, that’s hateful… :clap:

Pyro probably won’t go since he hates console tournaments. Maybe he’ll go to watch, get stoned, get drunk, gamble, see titties, etc. (providing he’s of age), but I doubt he’d play because of his distaste for console gaming. Then again, I’m not pyro so I can’t speak for him.

But… one less really good player isn’t a big loss. Since Evo is at LV, I’m sure more Japanese than ever will come to take our money. More Japanese players will more than make up for pyro not showing.

Koreans definitely comming for Tekken 5. TekkenCentral are hosting a ‘ticket to evo’ tourney. So they got that shit on lockdown fo’ sho. Also for third strike to but I don’t know how good they are in that game. Just a heads up…

From what I’ve heard Pyrolee is going to be there. At least that’s what I’ve heard around FFA the arcade he’s at all the time. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

I’ve heard from sources that Chibita(winner of VF4:Evo @ Evo 2K3) is coming. :karate:

I wonder if anyone told him that VF is not an official tourney this year. :confused:

wasnt that a while ago? knee’s bryan will be making it down here i think

pyro told me he doesn’t want to go.