Japanese players coming to evo?

Pyro told me he loves men.

damn, looks like the japanese win 3s again this year.

Well, Pyro went to Evolution 2003, when it was on arcade machines, and still didnt enter. So he must not like the Evo tournament.

Whoa what the? I assumed that everyone agreed to take a break from VF 4 at Evo this year because FT wasnt gonna be there.

I did enter the arcade evo (daigo vs ko famous match) and got 9th. I’m not coming to console evo this year.

not if we train up and show what we got they arent
jap people may be good but hey we gotta show what USA
got, dont look at the bad side always think positive

does anybody know if RF is coming to evo.

dunno if it was posted here or not, but for cvs2 at least…

taken from http://www.evo2k5cvs2teams.com/ posted by buk some time back

(When Kim was in Japan (5/05), Kindebu,Mago,Bas,Tokido, and Nuki personally said that they were coming to EVO. The other players have said yes according to Tokido and Bas.)


of all those players … do u know any … or does someone know if any of em knows how to play KOF 2002 very well ?