Japanese Players Joining EVO 2011

I dont know where to post this so I created this thread.

Besides the usual Daigo, Tokido etc

I just learned that fudo, neurosis and shiro are going to participate too. Damn. Gonna be hype.

Shiro and Fudo is awesome. Two of my favorite players from SF4 w/ Shiro being at the top. Too bad they dont play Abel/Ryu anymore. Makoto is cool but Fei can eat a dick.

no love for neurosis? damn.

he’s one of the nicest/coolest top player ive met.

i wonder if more japanese players are gonna participate.

now i feel like shit for not being able to make it to evo this year…

Neurosis :smiley: does he still rock Bison?

yeah, i think he still mains him. he also has master rank sakura, ibuki, yang, cammy and sagat. lol

He did in the Topanga tournament, not sure now.

what website will we be able to watch evo from ?

im looking foward to wathcing the japs play :slight_smile:

To be honest I didnt know who he is.I watch alot of videos but I usually have trouble remembering the players names. Shiro and Fudo stuck in my head bcuz Fudo’s footsies skills is Boss anf Shiros everything is Boss plus those were the chartacters that I played w/ so I payed more attention. I’ll look up neurosis later Im sure he’s boss if you included him along with the others.

Title should be changed from Japanese to Asians. Pretty sure GamerBee will be there again. Poognko will try n’ make it this year. And hopefully other players as well…

shungoku neurosis!

Would be very happy to see a dictator in top 8, but the competition looks pretty stiff.

I know… Eita? ( is that how you spell it ? ) was there last year with Tokido, I THINK there was 1 other Jap player from japan but he was not like a Diago or tokido… this year I know a few more are gonna fly out… I say we give them all painkillers… LOL

would have loved to see Poongko come out with Seth.

Yes I know he’s Korean.

Heck everyone that is going to Shadowloo, I hope they all plan to go to evo.

Mago is confirmed to be going to Evo too right? I guess he’s part of the etc. category, but it’s been awhile since he’s attended Evo. Supposedly he was gonna attend last year, but had problem with his passport or something. I’m glad fuudo is going, I was a fan of his Ryu in vanilla.

I too hope everyone that goes to SS goes to Evo. Kindevu, Uryo, Momochi, MOV, PlayerJun, TSrai, Makoto, Itabashi Zangief, -R-, Haitani… damn what a line up.

I wonder what Hong Kong or Singapore folks are going.

Where did you get the information that fudo, neurosis and shiro are showing up?

HFX is in Japan

He mentioned in some interview that he going to Evo 2011. He tried to last year, but things didn’t work out.

shiro tweeted about it.

im also in japan but yeah my source was his tweet.

What a lineup for SS, sounds way more hype than ECT for sure. Really hope some of those guys show up to Evo.

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