Japanese players need room for evolution

hello, this is bas.
many japanese players reserve plane tix for evolution but did not buy.
we wait for hotel reservation but need help.
these players try for evolution:
and me and mago and 2ggxx players
are trying to get ticket now.
also other ggxx and 3s and cvs players show interest such as kuroda and togawa.
we want to know how much cost for hotel room from thursday to tuesday.
we pay cash when arrive at evolution.
but sorry, need help reserve now with credit card.
if no room, then some players cancel plane ticket.
john asked srk staff but they can not help.
he adviced me to post on forum and ask.
thanks for any help. ?

wowowow? i thought japanese players were confirmed?? this is a big blow to those who are only going to see the japs play… and john asked srk staff but they can not help?? wtf?? im getting confused. i hope this is the real bas, and maybe we can get some help for you and your buddies.


btw, so does this mean i have to beat some japs to get my 5k or what?? LOL, j/k

yes, this is the real bas.

this is a tough situation. and many many japanese are wanting to come, but i think this is the biggest block for them from coming here, being young i cant help. So i encourage everyone to help. If i were older, i definately would help. Let’s get this evolution hyped and get these japanese players here.

edit: the rooms will probably be split among 11 people into 2 rooms. so the price range would be probably around 100 bucks per person each night for all the japs.

I live in vegas =) i’ll house a japanese player thanks =) someone who plays 3s/ggxx hah =)

I could probably help with the room - The cost is 299 for thursday and 477 from friday to sunday ( Monday morning Check out I believe ) I’m not sure how much the monday night stay is going to be. Use me as a last resort though -


oh wow… one of the cannons need to jump on this and figure out something

:pray: :pray: :pray:

I didnt know japanese legends posted on SRK. Who else is on here?

Probably just Bas, considering he’s the only one who speaks English well enough.

jez … some people dude just check the join date he just signed up here and this is actually his first post… lets stay on topic shall we

yah, I’m with ruin on this one. I got an apartment and I’ll house ruu and any other players I can fit. Seriously. <3

well if srk wont get mad at me for helping people come take our money, i can help out. however from what I understand the evo discounted rate for thursday is already gone, so thursday would be 300 bucks, then the following days (until monday) would be evo2k rate of 170, then the last night would be either 300 or possibly still evo discount rate of 170, so what we are looking at is :
300 (thurs) + 4 (fri,sat,sun,mon) (170) = 980. something like that, x2 thats 1960. Please pm me asap so I can make sure I have funds available, and we’ll work it out. Also, if someone that is a known link to japanese players like John Choi or Campbell Tran or Kuni can pm me with some validity too, thatd help out a lot too.

p.s. please don’t hate me america!

I’m just curious, did they only need one room? I count 13 possibly 15. I know the evo hotel routine is all about sleeping on the floor and what have you but I just thought I’d ask.

I’ve got a room for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We’ve got 2 ppl in the room on Thursday, 3 on Friday, and 4 on Saturday (a friend and my fiance coming up after we are; friend will be in a fold-out bed for Friday and Saturday, fiance will sleep in same bed as me on Saturday :wink: ). I don’t know how big the rooms are, but assuming they are sizeable, and the japanese are bringing sleeping bags and don’t mind the floor, we could probably put up 1 or 2 japanese. We would be honored to have daigo stay with us, as my friend Darren Zinmann attempted to meet up with him 4 or 5 years ago when he was in Japan (met some guys at The More, who were in touch with daigo, but daigo never made it to the arcade on that night), and again when he was in Japan earlier this year. Coordinate whatever you need to on your end, and contact me via PM. I will provide an e-mail from there, and we can see if we can’t get it arranged. HSF2 players only, preferably.

Bas, it would help to clarify some things on your end:

a) How many total are confirmed on coming if hotel rooms are reserved? It would be bad if someone reserved rooms and they ended up not showing.

b) How many rooms do you need for the above?

Once you have the number of rooms you need, hopefully people can reply here and say whether or not they’ve reserved a room for the Japanese.

Prices are as such:

Thursday, 8/17 - 8/18
$299 + $20 resort fee + $29 tax = $348

Friday, 8/18 - 8/19
$169 + $20 resort fee + $17 tax = $206

Saturday, 8/19 - 8/20
$169 + $20 resort fee + $17 tax = $206

Sunday, 8/20 - 8/21
$239 + $20 resort fee + $23 tax = $282

Monday, 8/21 - 8/22
$199 + $20 resort fee + $20 tax = $239

Total price is $1281 for Thursday 8/17 to Tuesday morning 8/22. Checkout time is 11:00 AM on Tuesday, 8/22.

Let us know Bas how many total players are guaranteed to come, and how many rooms you need.

Thursday is not sold out AFAIK, it’s just $299, not the evo rate.

We got our room for Thursday for $139, as of 3 days ago, with evo discount…don’t know if things have changed in the last 3 days, tho.

You’re right, I called again and asked. The representative I spoke to originally told me otherwise.

So rooms on Thursday 8/17 for Evolution 2K package are no longer available, but are available at $299 rate. Will edit my original post.

Bas claims there will be 11 people???(even though the list is bigger than that) and the rooms should be split into 2.

skisonic holding shit down like the god damned monopoly man

wtf is a resort fee

is there a way to get a room without a resort fee?