Japanese players ranking from 2ch









Translation courtesy of Vokial (I think):


Chun?Nuki???Boss?Rikimaru?Tokido?Roah?Nitto?Momo chi

Ken?Kuroda???Deshiken???Boss???Keeper?Ni tto


Dudley?Kuroda?Kokujin?Fujiwara???Boss?Ida?Jima??? ???



Akuma?Kuroda?Nitto?Match?Yuki Ototo?Boss???Jiro?Momochi?Matsuda

Problem with these lists is that we don’t know whose opinion it is. Could be a hated player in Japan for all we know. Or the person may have exaggerated certain things.

so the rumors are true? Kuroda’s urien is > than RX? and KO’s makoto > J? Oh my God my self esteem is at an all time low.

It’s scary how many of those rankings Kuroda tops or at least breaks into.

which probably means that some Kuroda fanboy wrote them… :wgrin:

kuroda obviously wrote this

no i beleive this is pretty close to truth.

“silence is golden”-kuroda

fucking freaks the shit out of you!!!

I firmly believe this.

I’ve heard (this summer) that Kuroda is considered as the best 3S Japan player by many other players.

Now that’s not surprising, he’s known to be an excellent Q player (amongst many vids I’ve seen of him, there’s a vid where he OCVs a 5 man-team with Q).

And playing Q, although Q is strong, is like playing with your hands tied; so imagine the Violence of Kuroda when he plays with the rest of the cast…



You will never be the same

Sounds like he just wanted whoever he was talking to to shut up.

Well this is really suprising! Kuroda is the best Ken? Wow! Never even seen a video but if his Q/Yun are any indication i’m sure he is a God. I can not believe anyone in the world is better than RX at Urien. KO’s Makoto is amazing, MOV is the number 2 Ken? Nuki is no suprise as the number one chun but its unreal how they put Kuroda as the number one Dudley and Akuma. Gotta see Kuroda in action with all these guys and where is the bottom tier list? Where is hottestcarl6?..

Where is Uraken in the Akuma list??


with Q breathing silently after the movie title… “It’s coming…”

And why the fuck are Boss and KO just everywhere?

And why the hell can’t anyone capture any damn footage of these people playing these characters?

And who the hell thinks Match is better than Yuki?


where is messatsu? urien is RX and messatsu for me.

i dunno, if 2ch is an event, how can kuroda play all those characters?

2ch is a Japanese site like SRK.

I’ve seen KO’s Makoto and I must say Boss has a better sense and style. Surprise KO is above Boss or even J…