Japanese players say Europe is better at sf4

There was a big european tournament last weekend called world game cup, it featured players from all over the world including some of japans best sf4 players including daigo, when asked the japanese players said that the level in europe was much higher than in the USA.

What does everybody else think?

I think you’re a troll, they said that the level was pretty much the same in Europe and the USA (Alioune and JWong being far beyond everyone else).

forum troll is trolling

Who are you calling a troll? and what do you mean they said? Who said? Please tell me, who said what? Because you don`t know what your talking about do you?

There was only myself, daigo, and 4 others around the dinner table when the conversaion took place, so please tell me what was said and who said what?

I asked a question, answer it or fuck off out of this thread, the same goes for everybody else.

Im gonna let you finish but,

I was at the tournament too, and I asked them at a separate time, and they said that the average player level was higher, but the top level of the US is higher than the top level of Europe. Exceptions being Ryan Hart and Alioune.

I believe you though.
Now’s when you should post a video of the conversation, and link it to a RickRoll

Chunkis is always coming out with shit like this, feel free to ignore him. Next he’ll be telling you all about how Namco based Bob on his iconic appearance.
Thing is, Japanese people are polite people, they’re going to try and big up your ego if you’ve invited them to dinner.

Either way there are some very strong European players, I’d say it’s even. There’s just less good European players in general because it’s a fragmented continent.

Let -

This is nothing to do with egos, i dont know too much about the sf4 scene or the people who play it, i think this topic is quite interesting, i got interviewed in france and got asked who did i think was better, but i said that i didnt know who was better, i said until europe plays usa properly it was impossible to know who was better at the game.

But i think it makes an interesting topic.

i don’t know why its so hard to believe, if fighting games is more of a niche genre in europe, obviously the players that get in to fighting games are a bit more dedicated from the get go

however lack of viable competition may also mean that at high-levels european players fall short

just the opposite
high level European players actually beat Japanese players, some of them without counterpicking console characters… something NA top players have yet to accomplish

I dunno, Arturo did pretty good.

Chunkis I shouldn’t have been rude - but I meant that it’s a common Japanese trait to politely lie about these things, especially round a dinner table. You just don’t risk insulting or offending your company, not even a little.
We need an EU vs US matchup, it’s long overdue. As for SF4 players in general, they’re no different to SF3 or ST players IMO.



was beaten in an exhibition match by renegade
got eliminated in the master series by ryan hart
got sent to losers by louffy rose in the singles tournament


got eliminated by renagade in the 2 vs 2
got eliminated by alioune in the masterseries

Eita was beasting man . I’ve never seen that level of gouki. this guy has no fear ,its like he doesnt care about his weak stamina. attack attack !

AFAIK daigo never got sent to loser in EVO or season beating or lost in a tournament setting.
I think that is quite the accomplishment for the european sf4 scene.

You don’t know very much then. Justin sent Daigo into losers in Grand Finals at EVO. Justin also sent Daigo into losers at SB4. Sanford beat Daigo in team tournament at SB4. Sabin beat Daigo in a MM at EVO. Sanford eliminated Dan from EVO

Good Shit to Europe though for doing it up. Especially Luffy !

I see smoke…where’s the fire?

Do you typically create entire threads based off of things people bullshit about during a private dinner (remind me to never open my mouth around you)? What were you hoping to achieve here, with that subject, that wasn’t trolling for a flame war? Please don’t literally try to answer those questions.