Japanese Players


Greetings, first post here. I was wondering if any or most of you fellow Street Fighters encountered the majority of Japanese Players not rematching whether they won or lost.

When I win, I am genuinely confused when they leave the match (mostly casuals, some even rage quit when I thought it’s a really good fight) and when I lost, I can’t help but feels maybe they thought I’m not worth their time or they are concerned other players outside of their region may somehow gain exprerience to defeat them one day.

Just my personal thoughts and I am interested and appreciate it if you guys can share with me what you think. Cheers.

P.S. My Flag icon is set to the Street Fighter V logo.


Where are you located? They might quit because of lag.


It’s lag. In casuals I quit in the first 5 seconds if it’s giving me a seizure.


I am located in Hong Kong. That’s weird as I don’t exprerience lag when playing with them. Do they/my opponents exprerience it on the other side? In fact it’s pretty smooth on my side at least.


Most of us don’t live close enough to Japan to find out. A lot of us are mainly Western hemisphere players that wouldn’t even get a good connection vs them.


I will quit within the first round if the opponent is “teleporting”.


Unfortunately lag can often be one-sided in this game. So yes, they might be experiencing lag while you don’t.
From my experience, Japanese players mostly kick you out of their lobby immediately if you have 1 or 2 bars, meaning that they really care about playing a smooth match.


Its because of lag, no doubt. I’m quite sure half of the laggy matches I play are in truth a one sided issue.


Ahh so that’s why. Now I understand :slight_smile: Thanks for all the replies guys, much appreciated.


All my experience with Japanese players has been really good and I live in the states.

Back when the matchmaking was fucking atrocious I would get matched up with Japanese guys all the time. In particular there was this gold Japanese Alex player that thrashed my shit in BL and yet kept re matching me. I figured he’d get bored but nope kept on playing til I finally won a set against him lol

I mean fuck I even had World Combo randomly join my lounge and he fought me a bunch of times. Didn’t quite even when I took a match off him.

I love my Japanese smashas

I see you Daigo