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Hey I was just wondering what Japanese players will be coming to this year’s Evo2k4??? Since it’s console, I was just wondering if they were invited and if so, have they been told that they will be playing console.

I think that I read somewhere that BAS wouldn’t be coming. Hopefully the japs show up.



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i was talking to bas last night, and he said that chances are that the japanese won’t come.


Kuni has said that he is probably coming for the tournament only. It makes sense for Bas. He just went to Europe for Absolution. I think his trip was paid for so, that, along with A3 being represented and the fact that he’s been to the US for 3 years in a row…of course Europe was the better choice for him.



It will be a real dissapointment if many of the Japanese players do decide to stay at home this year. :frowning: The U.S. vs. Japan (friendly) rivalry has been one of the most exciting elements of the past few evos.


i hope daigo and ino are coming


Besides Bas(who I believe said that if he didn’t get top 3 in CvS2 last year, he wouldn’t come to Evo2k4), did the Japanese players say why they weren’t coming?


Prolly cus its on consoles:(

Ive heard of a lot of really good players that whenever they play on console, you can see how different it is for them and you can see how its messes up their game.

I hope they do come

Ino, Daigo, KSK, BAS, Tokido, Ohnuki, K.O. need to be reppin’ :smiley: :cool:

Ino and Tokido need to battle it out for CvS2 crown sence Tokido wasnt at EVO2k3, KSK needs to make Alex the champion in 3S, and Daigo needs to defend his crown in GGXX and ST.


To answer your questions:

  1. Of course the Japanese players are invited (it’s an open tournament, but for some reason we would NOT invite them?). However, unlike some other tournaments, we are not paying for them to come- if they want to come and compete they are welcome to come on their own like everyone else, just as they have done in the past.

  2. They have also been told it’s console. Inititially they were upset about 3s, but that was because they didn’t understand what a supergun was (uses arcade boards, and is therefore identical). After we explained the situation they couldn’t have cared less. The UK tournamnet they just flew halfway around the world to dominate was console as well, if you’ll recall.

As with virtually all the American players, it’s still too soon to tell who will be able to get time off, have the money to go, etc. The Japanese crew that comes to American tournaments is always a grab bag for these reasons, but they always report having a great time @ eVo and are anxious to come back.



A3 + 3S were arcade


I personally don’t really see why we allow the japanese to compete. It’s like allowing a college football team to compete with high school football teams for big cash prizes…


we can all be on the same level, just they have a greater passion for it, and they want to expand… most of us just follow them.

we’re trying to be like the japanese, once you try to surpass the japanese and work for it… you will


Actually, we can’t be on the same level. We don’t have a fair chance to. They have arcades ALL over the place, and ridiculous amounts of competition. These guys know their games like the back of their hand. They’ve played every matchup possible tons and tons of times over.

We don’t have the resources to be that good, otherwise we would be tied with the japanese since their genes and the way they’re brought up has very little to do with why they’re better. We also have to import the video games if we want to practice as soon as they start, etc etc. They have many advantages over us that will never allow us to compete on an even level.

Even if I practiced and played way more than the japanese with the competition I DO have around me, I wouldn’t be near as good. Their community is much bigger and they have a much bigger network of information about the games. When you have 100 times as many people trying to figure something out in a country, they’re generally going to find combos/bugs/gameplay styles/whatever much faster than us.

Blah blah…there’s lots of reasons that the japanese are ten times better than us, and it’s not really cause we are unskilled, and it’s not because they’re passionate. We have no way of getting as good at the games we play unless we move to japan :slight_smile: Too many factors give them a huge advantage, which is why it’s pretty unfair in some ways to allow them to compete. They’re in another league entirely.


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So the UK tourney and eVo will have exactly the same titles on console, which obviously the japanese were fine with.

Was there a point here (not being a dick, just honestly don’t get it)?



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Point is Abs was mixed that’s all. Nothing more nothing less:)


Oh contrary, it IS because they are more passionate about it, i dunno what you’d have to be smoking to think that the top japanese players aren’t very passionate about fighting games


This is so stupid… so how is the US gonna get better unless we play better people? (the japanese that come over here) Are you suggesting we all just stay at the same level and just let japan get better and better than us?

… lemme tell you something, you’re NEVER gonna be better than the japanese with that kind of defeatist attitude, maybe THAT’S on of the reasons the U.S. still haven’t surpassed them in so many games…

All it takes are two dedicated players. We’ve got the resources to be as good as them, defenitely. We have tons of japanese match videos now, we can analyze matchups and whatever through those. Oh well, maybe people will never learn.


I’m not smoking anything.

The japanese are beating us in every other game except MvC2 because we have a much larger scene for MvC2, and they have a much MUCH larger scene for every other fighting game.

If I’m wrong, what do you attribute to our success at MvC2? And our pretty utter crappyness in everything else comparatively? The short answer is: MvC2 has a very concentrated playerbase, and Japan has no MvC2 scene, and we do.

Why do we completely suck compared to japan in XX? Because most americans who actually DO play XX play a scrubby Sol/Faust/Dizzy/Johnny, and the people who are actually serious about playing are VERY scattered. Like what…30-50 or so serious EC players who live anywhere from an hour to 10 hours or more away? 30-50 on WC and 20-30 in Texas? That’s less than one japanese Arcade’s competition. That’s 100 serious players spread across a huge continent, not 1 small island. All of us, regardless of how serious we are about the game, are leaps and fathoms and miles and miles worse than the japanese at XX.

We don’t have the quality, or the amount of competition we need to be as good at the game. Even if I practiced my face off with the best on EC and WC for 3 months straight, the average japanese guy who was into #R would wipe the floor with me. He wouldn’t even need to be all that passionate about it. If we had as much competition available as they did, I guarantee you we would be much closer in skill. It’s the lack of competition, not the seriousness of our players. Everyone likes a specific fighting game a lot, but practicing in training mode will only get you so far, as will watching matches. Playing a matchup a lot is much better practice than watching matches of it and practicing in training mode. And if you’re truly dedicated, you can still get very good by doing training mode. But does anyone who relies on training mode and match vids+a friend who is extremely good at the game stand a realistic chance against the average japanese in #R? No.

My last point is, even if you had a friend who was very into fighting games and serious and passionate about it, you will not get as good as the japanese. Me and my friend have been practicing and playing XX practically since the game came out, very close to the release date. I can now say that I am very adept in 3 matchups. 3 matchups out of 20. I have a very good knowledge/experience in about 7 more matchups, and there are about 10 characters who I know nothing about beyond match videos. If someone played I-No against me, you can bet I’d be in serious trouble on defense. I know plenty about I-No, and I’ve seen plenty of her matches, but reacting to her tactics is entirely new to me.

The simple fact is: If you want to become a master, you need lots of people to play. You’d need at least 10 solid friends at the fighting game you’re into, and they’d have to play more than 1 team/character. The more competition you have, the better player you will wind up being. Being passionate just means you will practice against those people often. I don’t think the U.S. is missing passion. We’re missing players. If I had access to 30 people who played XX within one hour of me, and they were ALWAYS available to play when I was, I would be playing the game at least 3 times a week all day long. But I can’t. That simple.


i completely agree here. its pretty funny how people HERE displays tiers (sol always being bragged on about how good he is) for this game while not realizing how much we don’t know about this game compared to the japanese.


Uhm, we DO beat them in other fighting games, ya know. US is #1 in SC2 right now, and I’d say we’re better overall at Tekken as well.

You make it sound like we’re light years behind Japan in everything, but that’s not entirely true. The US has improved significantly in CvS2 at least (compare Evo2K2 to Evo2K3), and our top players for 3rd Strike and XX are still respectable by comparison. Obviously, Japan having a major edge due to their sheer number of players is true, but having such a pessimistic attitude is counter-productive and isn’t entirely accurate in describing how the two countries compare.


I think you guys have the wrong idea. Just because I accept that japan is currently better and they obviously have a much larger scene right now doesn’t mean anything, really. I don’t feel pessimistic or anything, but it’d just be ignoring the truth if you try to say that japan doesn’t have a definite edge over us due to both the large amount of competition they have, and the easy access to it.

I don’t think american players are “worse” or anything, I think we don’t have enough players, and I’m really hoping that changes over time. I think once the scene gets bigger, or maybe some of the other non MvC2 games get a very definitive scene in a specific state/city, then we will be able to compete much better with the japanese. I don’t think they have magic blood or whathaveyou that a lot of people seem to think, I think they simply have better practicing equipment than we do. If we had as many players, arcades, etc, we would be just as good, maybe better…who knows? Hopefully over time we do get more interest.