Japanese Playstation 2 for Sale

$80 shipped w/all cables. The system is in perfect condition and rarely ever used. I would say it has been fired up about 5 times in its life. Again send me a PM if you are interested.

add $20/or $20 for these two games.
Tekken 4


umm well i don’t have my camera right now. It is the Fat old-school black ones and it is in perfect condition.

how old and whats your definition of perfect condition?

also where do you live?

Perfect condition as it has never frozen or skipped while playing. It is about 3 years old but rarely used.

are in the usa?

oh forgot, im in South Texas.

What is the model number?

wil this play newer games?

like fist of the north star?


Yes it will play HNK.

PM sent.


Paypal sent