Japanese PS3 $300

im selling my jap 20gig ps3. it does play ntsc ps3 games but not the ps2 games. it comes with all the cords, 3 wireless controllers and a korean version of mvc2,. i can also include a converter that allows you to play with a ps2 controller.
$300 pay pal include an extra 3% and shipping will be 15$
hit me up at 843 864 9438.

I’ll go with “wrong forum for 10,000, Alex”.

Edit…mod move ftw.

I’ll quote that, cuz nigga bout to regret giving out his phone number.

We Da Best!!


why would u do that :shake:

hit me up at 843 864 9438.

Hit m0rning4est up on the low cause m0rning4est about to blow.

281 330
800 fo

1-800-Doo Doo

1 - First my dear friend, you are in the wrong thread,
2 - and second, how are you going to give your Phone # to everybody??? (thats crazy)
3 - and last, here is the right thread,
good luck selling your stuff, ohh, and try to use search once in a while,

Pics?? I’m interested.

yeah i’ll get em tonight.

Who??? Mikes Jooones.