Japanese PSN Exclusives


I just picked up J-Stars Victory Vs and have a good bit of funds left on my Japanese PSN account… so does anyone know of any good Japan-only fighting games worth picking up on the PSN store? There have to be some gems that didn’t make it over.


Their a few to consider.

If liek j star victory Im pretty sure you will enjoy Gundam vs. Sadly yopu canlt play online on us accounts. so you’ll be using your jpn psn to play that online.

Their also Shin kohime. An all femal fighter that spoofs off the “romancee of three kindom” theme. Gameplay is pretty much similar to sf2 where ground footsie and simple 2-in-1 is your primary combos. Their are assists character (uses meter), ex moves, supers to to comabte opponents. How ever the system does take bit of Kof12 combo system where if you score sweet spot counter hits (usually heavy or certain commands). A player can go for final super that general do 7K or proceed to do combos as normals and commands get relauch, wall bounce, and ground bounce properties. Minimal single player content and not many people have picked the game up so online is scare.

Then we have Phantom breaker extra, A fighter that littler take every thign from every fighter and throws into another nearly all femal cast fighter. Phantom breaker kind simpel to play but overwhelming at times. Its simple to the fact controls are really simple if ever played the anime fighter or smash bros game than you’ll fee right at home. While the game doe shave standard Light, Medium, Fierce, their is also a special button that function depending on style you choose ranging from Yellow Roman Cancel to Red Focus like Attack. But as mention it can get overwhelming as their so many stuff for at your disposal. for aggressive people you have chains, slipshift (slow down effect),many cancel ,frame traps, Final supers, guard crush, cross ups, ublockables, OTG, relaunch, Air grabs. Then on the defender you have blocking, air blocking, parry, dodge, Guard cancels, invincibility reversal, berserk amour mode, projectile nullify,a lot of recovery options, emergency mode burst and clash. This is just the universal mechanics their still big rooster of character and their tools to manage. But just like Shin kohime, The single player content is lacking and while their online. Its very scarce. Also PBE training mode is really bar bone.

Than we have Dark awake. pretty much this is pretty much when you cross World of war craft with fighting game. Its team base fighter similar to team system use in Kof/CvS2. while the game doesn’t have grove. you do have item that grant certain benefits and add an additional super to you list as item have super. Cant say much more on this one as i sill have limited experience with it.


Thanks! I think I’ll pick up Phantom Breaker Extra. There are still folks playing over at Dust Loop and it looks different enough to warrant a shot.


we welcome you. Admittedly activity is still scarce but this is one of those game where you’;; spend alot of time in the lab to either figure out strategy or explore the game mechanics.

try adding if on ps3. K-Bas*



any others?


Are there any psone classics exclusive? Eg. Is tobal there?
I know cyberbots got a us/jp release