Japanese PSN/PS3 store experience?


Anyone on here got any experience with using the jap psn store for the ps3??

I noticed they have Capcoms ‘Jojo’s bizarre adventure HD’ and it’s quite pricey like over 2000 yen (wtf). I can get a card from playasia to use and I have all the details of how to create an account (thanks google).

But I don’t have a clue what fighting games are on there as of now, I’m mainly looking for ones you can’t buy on the UK psn store (so im mainly looking for jap psn exclusive fighters).

Anyone’s input would be great :slight_smile:



What section is the jojo HD under? I’ve been looking for that forever

I got all the UK psn fighters and all the JAP psn exclusives

Main ones are phantom breakers, koihime enbu, dengeki bunko ignition and blade arcus, there’s a few good ps2 and ps1 downloads as well


Hi mate i inboxed you regarding the game (lack of) etc.

Those jap fighters you’ve listed I’ve been meaning to get, hard copies of them are quite pricey from playasia or amazon. Whats there prices on jap psn as I will get them asap if cheaper!

What ps1 and ps2 fighters are currently on jap psn (jap exclusive)?


i bought most games from psn on sale, whether its Uk or US or JAP, only paid full price for a shmup, Ketsui

you should check weekly, they have a sale on some fighters now and again

PS3 Fighters and prices

PSone / PS2 Classics & prices

from the ps2 classics i have only bought kof 98 um, garou motw, neo geo bc, adk collection, kof mi Regulation A, fatal fury ba vol 2

from ps1 i bought capcom generations 5, rival schools, last blade and fatal fury (3d version like sf ex)

theres a couple decent shmups aswell


There’s some awesome titles on there. Saves me buying a jap or modchip ps1 when they all seem quite reasonable, the ps3 titles are rather expensive compared to the ps1/ps2, though.

I’m going to have to do some digging as to which ps1 ports were awful compared to saturn etc (for those jap psn games in question)


If you have a PS2 slim already, you can buy a Free McBoot memory card for like $12 on eBay and do a sensor mod to the console. The sensor mod is ridiculously quick and easy. Then you can use a program called PSX Launcher to do a disc swap for PS1 imports and backups.


Don’t have a ps2 slim, only a fat. Recently I’ve been burning dvd import games (back ups) and using swap magic 3.8 which has worked quite well. Is there much difference other than it will be a little easier with a slim