Japanese Reaction to STHD?


Just wondering if there’s been any input or reaction to the new STHD coming out on console only by the Japanese SF community.

Will the old school Jap players (Otochun, Gian, Yuu, Tama, Aniken, Komoda, etc…) take this game seriously? The new mode where all the moves are easier seems kind of like a cop out. I’m not a big fan of that.

But regardless, since Evo is probably going to be played on this new version, will the old school japanese players play on this? is there still hope that any of the old school players will head out here for Evo?

I was under the impression this game wasn’t going to be available in Japan (but I could have heard wrong). It would be interesting what their reaction would be if this game replaced ST at EVO and none of them had any experience with it.

…then they will boycott it, of course.

Why an almost perfect balance of a game should be ruined? If they are wise, they will not touch sf2hd

doesn’t seem like it

I don’t think they’re really aware of it’s existence, I wonder. Hell, Capcom Japan themselves seemed pretty clueless at the Tokyo Game Show last fall; when I asked about it they said it was already out. Most players though may have heard about it (maybe) but don’t seem to be talking about it at all.

I like to play the top Japanese players, who can make excellent use of lower tier characters like Cammy, Fei Long and esp. T.Hawk (a bunch of players for each character, not just one or two). And I read something not too long about about how Sirlin talked to a multitude of about two whole people that play T.Hawk? There are more than a few Zangiefs that can take out top Dhalsims here. Blankas, the same, that are feared most of all. New Ken players like the guy I saw yesterday that seems to have Mattsun’s knack for tacking on that extra funky kick at the end of his little combos for extra dizzy potential, and catching you in the knee bash throw/dp mixup game and extending it. I played a lot of games yesterday against this new Sagat player that was really tough to take out.


So then I’m right that it won’t be released in Japan at all, just like HF. That seems like a waste that all the great Japanese SF2 players won’t even get to see this.

What happens if SFHD actually becomes popular? Will we see a “rift” in the ST scenes between US/Europe and Japan? I sure hope not, although it most probably will boost ST’s popularity for a while. Perhaps top players everywhere will eventually return to the original though.

I don’t think they will, not in the US if STHD does turn out to be popular and turns out to be a good game. It’s not like anyone went back to Super once ST came out. It will be interesting if the US uses HD in tournies and Japan using good old ST.

What you talking about not available in Japan. It’s a downloadable game it’s available everywhere.

LOL, maybe they will import it from the US? That would ironic considering it’s usually the other way around.

yeah guys I don’t think we can speculate too far here- the game hasn’t been cancelled yet is all we can say? it’s too early to make too many assumptions about what Japan will or will not play or be able to play much. However, the Xbox is not too popular here in Japan. I have the old one, not a 360. 360s are certainly sold and I don’t see why they’d be shut out, necessarily. (wouldn’t that be ironic?)

Also, there is so much that can go wrong in terms of acceptability for tournaments and our finicky acceptance for what passes as high-level console ports (I heard use of CCC2 was a big disappointment, even the video illustrating frame-by-frame comparing other console versions to ccc2, not even an arcade comparison, showing skipped frames). And this was all AFTER it was determined that “Anniversary Edition won’t do, even with ST/Super only versions of characters, we want ST”. Also, even assuming GGPO makes it in or they deal with lag relatively well, there’s no eliminating lag entirely.

Maybe we should just be thankful if T.Hawk doesn’t become this dominating, game-ruining character or something after the first 3 months.


Honestly I don’t think they will have any interest in it.

The point of STHD is to give it a new look which will appeal to new players and revitalize this old school game. However ST is still very popular in Japan and is still arcade supported, so they don’t have the problems that our market does.

Plus I’m not sure how well the Japanese will react to the changes in gameplay/control STHD will bring.

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. Also I mentioned Xbox (360) but I guess it would also be available for ps3? they have that here too. Not really sure of anyone that owns one except for a one person, but some people must.

btw I talked to 3 top Japanese players today, and I think they have heard of it, in name only, maybe? but they’re not really sure on much of the details, eg what the HD stood for, that it would be two games etc. Not much about the re-balancing, I think it was Noguchi or YuuVega that said something about new characters, I said no I don’t think that will be the case.


It seems the remix version is offering a Classic mode alongside the Balanced mode.


I’m pretty sure they didnt change any of the frames (@least in the classic mode). did they? so correct me if im wrong, but essentially wouldnt the gameplay still be the same? did they change the hitboxes? or anything?
(these questions only apply to the classic mode, im not sure about the remix)

I suspect they won’t change a thing in Classic mode. Remix mode will have the tiers inverted. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet they’d still play this game. I know that remix mode will have easier move executions. And these executions are not just easier for noobs, it will definitely be used much better by the masters. Old schoolers never back out!

The point of HD was always to broaden the ST fan base. So it’s really more of getting the old schoolers with the new generation. Come on, David Sirlin has been doing an excellent job getting feedback from the die hard players to retain the game’s balance.

If the tiers do change, this would be even more interesting. You would see your favorite Jap ST players using somebody else. What if Otochun used O. Hawk? That would be something else. LOL.

My prediction for HD is that the throw characters will get a huge boost. Come on man, Zangief and T. Hawk with 180 motions for throws! It’s going to be like King of Fighter’s Goro and Clark that can actually grab out of huge hit boxes. The buffers will become hella easy as well. This is great haha! Oh and to see a Zangief noob abusing SPD is sad… until you actually you use Zangief yourself…

We can always fall back on classic mode if remix turns out to be whack…

yeah, thats what im saying, if nothing is changed in classic mode other than the sprites being converted to HD, then the oldschoolers shouldnt have any problems playing it. heck, theyd probably get a kick out of it just because it looks better, but plays the same. (IMO)

It sounds like this game is not getting too much attention in Japan. I guess that’s understandable since they can still play in arcades, whereas we have to move to online. On the other hand that’s really unfortunate since I guess the US and Japan wont be able to compete anymore :(.