Japanese SF Terms

Hey everyone,

I wanted to re-find a thread again that contained posts about a US SFIV casual player who met a JP SFIV player at some tournament who wanted to talk with him about SF mechanics and such. IIRC, it was about SFIV but the people who replied to his post did not only include regular SFIV terms in Japanese + translations but also ones from 3S.
It had some translations for jab, strong, fierce, UoH, 50/50 chance, tick throw, etc.
Now I’ve looked through my history and used the Search function but I can’t find the thread with those posts again.
It wasn’t a thread specifically made about the terms, it was somewhere in the SFIV discussions thread, but again; search got me nowhere close to it.

Can anyone who has seen those posts help me out ? Or repost the SF notations or common Japanese terms used in SFIV or 3S ?

Thx in advance !

Dai pancho
Tsurugi sai kyotuski o nemotono


Those are some of the ones I remember from watching lots of anime.

That thread is here:


From Azrael -

From Reno -

Ah thx ! How weird that it didn’t show up in my search results because I definitely used the 2 keywords “Japanese” & “Terms” in it :confused:
Oh well, thx again !

I think the only one that i can remember thats not ontop in the list is Okizeme which is mixups you can do upon knocking down your opponent.

??? (Ukemi) - is actually a tech roll, or a quick recovery since in some games there isn’t actually a ‘‘roll’’,
it’s actually a japanese martial arts term, it means to land a fall without getting hurt