Japanese sticks + buttons on an American cab - Good idea or Blasphemy?


Not a technical question, but rather one of your preference.

I’m planning to put a SFA3 cab out on location soon, but the controls are shot to hell due to extensive use from a previous operator. I’m going to have to replace all the buttons and sticks, so I’m just wondering - would you guys play an American-style cab if it were using Japanese-style controls? Would you prefer the nostalgia of using American-style parts, or would you want it to use the same sort of controls you use at home?

Just thought I’d get y’alls opinion on the matter before I waste a good chunk of money. Thanks!


I would absolutely play on an American cab with Japanese parts. Why not? Just be warned, you’re in for some work getting them to fit right.


I prefer American parts, personally. But, I don’t think Japanese parts would be blasphemy. Go for it if that’s what you wanna do.


The AE machine at one of my local arcades has sanwa parts on a US cabinet, works and feels just fine


One day i hope to have a U.S style cab similar to a Dynamo with all sanwa controls, so you’re not alone. American style looks cooler imo.

Japanese arcade cabs seem to be made more with form, function, and compactness in mind, and lack that “pizzazz”.


I’d play on a cabinet that was using anything short of rapid weasels for controls. That probably speaks more of my desire for an arcade and the stunning lack of one anywhere near me though.


I’d go for it, but if that isn’t a metal panel forget about it, you won’t get anywhere without HEAVY modification. On a metal panel I believe all you need is a certain mounting plate(I may be wrong, so don’t quote me on that).


I’m actually doing this exact thing right now with a big blue capcom cab. got word this morning that the project is a bit more complicated than the guy in the shop thought it would be. I saw a prototype of the control panel and it’s looking great… though I shudder to think what it’s gonna cost me…


Hmm… yeah, I wasn’t really thinking about that. However, considering the response here, looks like it’ll be worth the effort.

I also enjoy American-style, but if I’m going to be putting it on location, I feel like I need to go with what the majority wants.


Well, if this is America, you probably want American parts. Not too many people do well with Japanese parts if they don’t use them normally.


Right, but all the joysticks and such these days use Japanese (or at least imitation Japanese) parts. Most the big fighting game fan buffs use Japanese parts.

The casual player probably won’t do much better with American parts than they would with Japanese parts, so I don’t think it’s really going to impact them.


I was thinking more along the lines of those that grew up playing Street Fighter in arcades, but that is a good point that never occurred to me.


I would only call blasphemy if it was a mint condition cab. (But then again not many people would have brand new personal arcade cabinets in their houses)


My sanwa parts feel alien when playing any old roms, I was playing fatal fury the other day and games like that were intended with happ il parts …


I’m 30 so iv’e had a chance to be around when arcades were cool and going out. As long as you’r fingers can get use to it, it will work. I feel usa cab’s look better with them and since iv’e been playing with my hori it feels wright. You can get art work and do things on our’s that the Japanese cab does not allow.


IMO true arcade is american. ( 7 years of working in one nothing beats a bouncy stick)