Japanese sticks in 3/4" MDF

I’ve been wanting to try a different joystick in my MAS stick for a while now and I think a JLW would work nicely since it uses the same mounting holes as a competition.

I really like the square gate of the JLF and Hori joysticks I’ve used. I play boxer in ST and having the defined corners lets me be more confident that I have a d/b or u/b charge.

The only issue I forsee is that the MAS is made of 3/4" MDF and the Japanese sticks like the JLF, JLW, and LS-32 expect a 6mm panel. The joystick will probably be too short. But I don’t want to route out the bottom of my MAS as I want to keep the case stock.

Ultimarc sells a longer shaft for the JLW stick that is designed for thicker panels and I’m wondering how well it works.

I’m just worried that the throw on the joystick will be so long that it will ruin the feel of the stick. If it has the same throw distance and return speed as a competition, but with the square gate then I think it will be a good choice.

Alternatively I might try using a bat top instead of a ball. That should add a little extra height, right?

What about the lesser known Japanese sticks the LS-40, LS-55, and LS-56? I see that the LS-55 and LS-56 have a longer shaft so those may be the best options for me. I like stiff joysticks and a shorter throw too.

Or maybe I can just get away with having a short stick?

So does anyone have experience with this particular setup?

The LS-56 is apparently very similar to a Happ/iL stick. Check slagcoin.com for mounting details.

I think I am going to go with the LS-55. It looks like it can use the existing mounting holes in the MAS, and it has a longer shaft than other Japanese sticks. Combined with a bat-top I think it will be my best option.

The LS-56 is also tempting, but on Slagcoin it says that it has a slight grinding action to it and I think I would rather have a shorter throw with a smooth action.